Latest Obsession: Liquid Lips

So Im a little late to jump on the Liquid Lipstick train... I've owned a few here & there over the years, but I just never got into them. I'm super slack with my lip care, so I always have dry/cracked lips and NEVER want to wear something matte that's just going to make me look ridiculous... Continue Reading →


Week Day Morning Routine

At the moment, I get myself out of bed at 4:30am - I know, I know, it sounds hectically early, which it is, but it essentially gives me an hour of "me time" prior to my little tornado raising from his slumber between 5:30am-6:00am. In regards to my morning beauty routine, I'd label it as... Continue Reading →

Here goes nothing…

Well hello hello everybody; Welcome to my blog... Holy shit it's so crazy to say "my blog" - Creating a blog and sharing my love of makeup, adventures as a mother and just a general insight into my life has been a dream of mine for SO SO long. I can't believe I have finally taken... Continue Reading →

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