Becoming a young Mum @ 22 Years Old


So, today is my 24th birthday! And I figured, what better day to talk about becoming a young mummy at 22 then on my birthday 🙂
This time 2 years ago, I was snuggled up on the couch learning to be a 1st time mumma to my gorgeous 12 week old baby boy.

Becoming a mum was literally my only ‘life goal’ for as long as I can remember.
As a kid, I always had baby born’s with the pram, the outfits and all the accessories – that you could dress up and mother to your heart’s content.
It was in my blood, deep in my core, I honestly felt I wouldn’t be my true self until I became a mum.

And in some parts it was true, as an adult, I never felt as though I’d really found my niche, or my groove in the career-world; sure I was good at my job, I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t my dream.
But the day I found I was I was pregnant, holy shit, I felt like I had finally found my calling. I officially felt like I had my shit together, I had finally achieved my goal, I hit the ultimate jackpot and the excitement was next level.

Now a bit of background to our “getting pregnant” story…

I went off the pill in January 2015, after being on it for 8 years; I thought I’ll give my body some time, 3 months or so to get in sync and back to a regular cycle before we attempted the whole procreation thing.

In April, I fell pregnant first go, first try, we barely even knew the days of my ovulation, let alone when the ‘optimal window’ was for it to happen, but it did.
Sadly, even after the 8 week scan showing a strong heart beat, correct size etc – The pregnancy wasn’t viable, and at 10 weeks pregnant I had a natural miscarriage.
We were devastated; I of course blamed myself, and was completely distraught.

Fast forward a few weeks; After getting the all-clear from the Obstetrician to try again, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to.. If we got pregnant again quickly I was worried I’d feel even more guilty for forgetting or moving on from our angel baby that we lost.
But after having long chats with Rick, we decided we’ll just see what happens, no pressure and no tracking of dates, ovulation, temperature etc
Having a miscarriage throws your dates out of line anyway, so I had no information to go off.

So we went about our life, trying when we tried, not trying when we didn’t, no big deal, we tried to keep it far from our minds..
And randomly one night I did a test at about 4:00am, because something deep inside told me to (probably my bursting bladder from drinking too much water during the night).
It came back negative – I was only 7 DPO (Days Post Ovulation) so I shook it off, chucked the test in the bathroom bin and said to myself “its fine, too early to tell, test next week”

I got up the next morning, and this curious cat had to ‘check‘ the test was correct…
And within the 3 hours between testing originally & me getting out of bed, a little pink line had appeared and I actually squealed! Of course i didn’t fully believe it, so i proceeded to pee on 4 more regular line pregnancy tests and 2 digital ones to confirm!

I was staying home that day, so I immediately called my fiancée (husband now) and told him the amazing news whilst clutching all 7 of my positive pregnancy tests.
He was so stoked and trying to contain his excitement at work to not raise suspicions.
I was technically only 3 weeks pregnant, so it definitely had to stay under-wraps until we were in the all clear of the first trimester (typically 12 weeks).

To be clear, we were definitely lucky in regards to fertility, we got pregnant incredibly quickly, first month to be exact, both times. We didn’t do anything special, eat any differently or do any special fertility increasing positions LOL!
The Obstetrician did say that me falling so quickly with Leo could have been because of my body’s reaction after the miscarriage, which resulted in really high levels of hormones and increased my chances of pregnancy.

The first 12 weeks were the longest moments/hours/days of my life, I was so excited and just wanted to scream it in the face of every stranger I walked past – Also keeping it from friends/family was a killer! We had so many people we wanted to share our happiness with, but after the miscarriage (we only told 4 close friends about that pregnancy) – we wanted to be really careful and not let it out to early at the risk of another miscarriage occurring.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

At 8 weeks, we told both of our mums, and the 4 people we had chosen to be the god-parents of our little bundle.
We had an awesome little circle we could discuss and be open with about our little ‘secret’ until we hit the safe haven of the second trimester.

At 9 weeks, I got the Harmony Test done which involved a blood test and an ultrasound to check on the baby’s growth, and test for any abnormalities. Another bonus to the test was we could find out the gender before we were 12 weeks (so cool right?!)
It took 2 weeks for the results to come back, which again, was absolute torture!
And I was at work the day I got the call from my OB telling me it was a baby for the BLUE  team – I was so excited, I didn’t have a preference for gender at all, but Rick definitely lent more towards wanting a boy.

I decided not to tell Rick straight away, and instead took myself off to get my nails done (painted blue of course) and headed to his work to surprise him; So that was my cute little way of revealing to him that it was a little man coming into our lives 6 months later.


I had a relatively normal pregnancy, the usual few weeks of morning sickness, back pain, sore boobs etc
I did show incredibly early, so trying to hide a bump at work was hard, as well as my boobs were MASSIVE! LOL!
Up until 37 weeks, things were pretty smooth, Leo was growing a couple of weeks ahead though, so I had already opted for an Elective C-Section, [big baby + small mumma was not going to end well] – We hadn’t booked it in yet, but we knew it would be sometime after 39 weeks.


At my 38 week check up, which was on Tuesday, 1st March 2016.
I did the usual routine, waddle up 4 flights of stairs to my OB’s office, pee in a cup, have a blood test, lay on the table – Have a cervix check to confirm dilation and an ultrasound to check on our boy.
My doctor started to act strange as he stuck some sticks into my urine sample, and started looking back & forth from it to my urine results from last week.
I’ll admit I was a little worried.
He proceeded to ask me if I had any headaches or dizziness over the last week, which I had, a lot of actually, and he tested my blood pressure about 6 times.

He told me that I was showing signs of Pre-Eclampsia, but until he got my blood results back the next morning, he couldn’t be sure. So he sent me home, I was officially on bed rest and was told to put my hospital bag in the car & be prepared to head to the hospital on his call.
So terrified little me, jumps in the car, heads home and tries to explain all the medical terms to my mum and fiancée while they stand there looking extremely worried & scared. But we all knew I was in good hands with my Doctor, and we just had to wait for the phone call.

The following morning, at 10:00am my Doctor calls me and says “How soon can you get to my office? I’m going to admit you to St George Hospital, as you have Pre-Eclampsia and we need to deliver your baby as soon as possible, your liver is borderline failing..”
[I was scheduled to deliver at Sutherland Hospital, but due to me now being deemed ‘High Risk’ – I had to deliver at a hospital with a NICU and specialised Renal Team]

Holy shit, I was terrified, both mum and Rick were at work and here I am alone, no way of getting myself to the hospital and thinking fuck is my baby in danger?

I called Rick and he came home as soon as he could, and we headed straight to my Dr’s office. He basically handed me paperwork and sent me straight to the hospital.
They admitted me, put a cannula in my hand (ouch!) and I settled into a hospital bed.
I was shitting myself. And to top it off, Rick wasn’t allowed to stay with me! I was devastated. Unless I was in labour, he could only be there between 9am-9:30pm each day.
The main reason I chose Sutherland Hospital for my delivery was because it was partner-friendly and my fiancée could be with me at all times.

But St George Hospital has a strict no-men on the Maternity Ward floor after 9:30pm rule – So I had to put on my big girl pants and be alone in hospital without Rick overnight, which turned into 3 nights alone as they didn’t schedule my C-Section in until Friday morning.


Friday morning rolled around, at 7:00am Rick arrived at the hospital, and by 8:00am I was dressed in the incredibly attractive hospital gown, commando of course, and was being wheeled into pre-op for my surgery.
I was taken into a freezing cold theatre, and they inserted a spinal tap and laid me back down. The weirdest sensation of water being poured all over me rushed from my boobs down to my toes as the anaesthetic took effect.

Once I was fully numb, Rick was allowed into the theatre to hold my hand and be there when Leo was born.
Not even 10 minutes had past when I heard his cry, his high-pitched, strong-lunged cry. Rick got to stand up and watch him be pulled out, & even got a sneaky photo for me too. He was so chunky and perfect, he was finally here, our perfect bubba boy.


After he got cleaned up and Rick cut the umbilical cord, my little Leo was brought over to me for a brief but amazing first cuddle and first family photo.
Rick and Leo were then taken back to my room to bond while I got stitched up and taken to recovery.
I had to be in the recovery ward until I could fully move my toes and feet, then i got to go back to my room and officially meet my little boy.
We had skin-to-skin and his first breastfeed, and that was it, the start of our life as a family of 3 with our Leo had finally begun.

And life has not stopped since!
Leo is a boisterous, confident and crazy little kid. He’s full of character and personality & nothing can slow him down now that he’s off walking.

Leo Alexander Scott, 8lbs 10.6oz – 8:33am, 04 March 2016



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