Latest Obsession: Liquid Lips

So Im a little late to jump on the Liquid Lipstick train…
I’ve owned a few here & there over the years, but I just never got into them. I’m super slack with my lip care, so I always have dry/cracked lips and NEVER want to wear something matte that’s just going to make me look ridiculous for even thinking I can pull it off.

But over the last 2 months, I’ve courageously ventured outside the safe-zone of the lipstick/lipgloss world I currently reside in. And I’m happy to say I am:

  1. better at looking after my lips; and
  2. obsessed with liquid lipsticks

I’ve added almost 20 to my collection in this time and oh boy, there is no stopping me!
I want every liquid lipstick in every colour available, and I want them displayed beautifully in acrylic organisers all over my beauty room <3 Ahh the dream!

Here are some of my favourite formulas & colours on my skin tone:-

What are some of your favourite lipsticks?
Leave your recommendations below & I’ll check them out. I’m always up for adding more to my collection hehe 😀

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