Story Time: Our Destination Wedding

Get ready for a little story time post on the blog today…

We got engaged back in the day, 4th March 2014 to be exact. And we had a LONG engagement; which resulted in a baby between our engagement and marriage 😛

We don’t have much of an engagement story, not like the elaborate proposals you see online these days; we had designed the ring together a few months prior to him ‘officially’ asking me. And it was nothing fancy, it was at home, it was just us, I cried like an idiot and obviously said yes.

The wedding planning took around 12-ish months, once we decided on a Destination Wedding the research really begun. Involving an impromptu Thailand trip to scout locations and voila! we booked The Racha Resort  – I mean look at this fucking view!!


The wedding package we paid for included a Wedding Planner (Thank god!!) – I couldn’t have got it all organised without her, she was a LIFESAVER.
My guidelines for her were: all white, simple and frangipani’s. And damn she did a good job with that. The wedding menu was to die for, 3 courses of heaven + cake!
Everything was sorted, organised and paid for well before the wedding came around.

First step was flights! I was pregnant whilst planning the wedding, so I was well aware that we would be flying over to Thailand with an 8 month old… So direct flights it was.
Next we had to schedule accommodation before/after The Racha to align with our flights and then once we received that “Yes you’re booked” email – It really sunk in.. we’re getting married, in Thailand, with all our beautiful friends and family. It was an absolute dream of ours, simple wedding, with the best people & in an incredible AF location!!

On Thursday, the 3rd November we were up early getting bags sorted and all clambering into a shuttle bus off to the airport.
The hashtag #TheScottsThaiTheKnot was created and we were officially in wedding mode.


At 2pm we all boarded a direct flight to Phuket, Thailand for a week of wedding celebrations & beach time!
We stayed a night on the mainland, before boarding a boat and travelling the 45 minutes over to the incredible island of Koh Racha Yai.
Upon arrival to the resort, we were greeted by all the amazing staff of The Racha Resort and were immediately all divided up and shown to our beautiful rooms.

After a small mix up with the rooms, a little stress and a few tears – It was all sorted and we were all happy as clams.
There was cocktails, relaxing by the pool and adventuring around the island happening within minutes of arriving. We were officially on island time, and so incredibly excited.
We had a couple of days before the wedding, and a lot of meetings & decisions had to be done before the wedding could even happen.
But just being on the island with everyone already felt so relaxing and fun.


Between arriving on Thursday and actually getting married at 5pm on the Saturday, I had around 10 meetings with my wedding planner, the head of food & beverage, the music guy, the decorators etc – It was manic!
I made decisions, changed my mind and made more decisions. But the staff were so accommodating & patient with me; and in the end, our perfect day was prepped and ready for us.


05 November 2016
The day I married the love of my life <3

Saturday morning rolled around and my bridesmaids & I took ourselves off for massages before the wedding prep begun.
Fast forward a few hours and I was officially running ‘fashionably late’ to my own wedding. The photographer was waiting on me to take us to our photo spot and I’m still applying my makeup :O

Of course whilst we’re rushing around like headless chickens trying to get ready; the boys are casually drinking beers at various locations around the resort, before chucking their suits on and waltzing down to the altar. Oh to be a guy with no need for hair, makeup, etc

But we all jumped into a golf cart and headed up the hill to the beautiful location for our photos; Almost revealing ourselves to the groomsmen & my future husband along the way, which was not ideal, but the girls covered me up quite well!
After the photos were done, we got confirmation that all the boys were ready at the altar – It was time to get married!

I wasn’t nervous all day, up until the moment I was standing in front of those double doors waiting to walk down the aisle. I turned into a shaking mess!
But the music started, the girls walked out, and all of a sudden it was my turn…

It was ridiculously windy, but we didn’t let that damper our incredible ceremony.
Some beautiful vows, lots of photos, a couple of I Do’s; and we were officially husband & wife.

We spent over an hour taking photo after photo and making use of every last bit of light left in the day. We were finally released by the photographer to head up to the Reception Dinner and we were starving !!
The room was set up beautifully with a long decorated table that was all white & matched my bouquet. We ate the most incredible 3 course meal, had a few too many drinks and so many good laughs with our family & friends.

My beautiful bridesmaid Saxony and handsome groomsmen Cozza put on an impromptu performance of my favourite song (Ed Sheeran – Thinking out Loud) that put me in a pool of tears! It was the most beautiful wedding gift I could ever imagine.

Once we were all full of food and ready to party, everyone headed downstairs to the third and final venue of the wedding The Ice Bar; for cake cutting, speeches and the after party!
The cake was taller than me, the speeches were mushy, funny & perfect for us and our first dance was clumsy, cute & a little embarrassing. (Neither of us knew how to dance and we just kind of swayed round & round in circles haha)
Then I snuck off and changed out of my dress and into my party outfit and it was on!

We controlled the music, repeated a few songs way too many times, sang our lungs out and drank way too many Vodka OJ’s :O

There was a couple of dance battles, a few girls on the bar and so much fucking fun; it was amazing. The photos & videos turned out hilarious as well!
The night started to come to a close just after midnight, a few guests got detoured by the pool on their way back to their rooms and had a sneaky swim.

As for the married couple, I do recall spending about 30 minutes in the shower with the conditioner attempting to get the head-piece off,  and all of the bobby pins & teasing out of my hair!
And the rest of the night was, well lets call it ‘married time’ 🙂

The rest of the week was spent drinking, laying out, adventuring around the island and just loving life as a married couple. It was the best week with our friends & family and we thoroughly enjoyed our mini honeymoon 😀

A lot of people ask me if we wished we ventured off to another resort away from the friends & family for a proper ‘honeymoon’ – But to be honest, it made it feel so much more special and fun to have everyone there.
As much as I love Rick, and he loves me; We are different people – and we have different ideas of ‘fun’ especially when it comes to holidays.

So having other people there meant we could separate to do our own thing, then come back together for ‘couples’ things and we didn’t have any fights or get upset with each other, because we both got exactly what we wanted out of the trip 🙂

All in all, it was an amazing wedding. Stressful as any wedding of course, but still amazing. It was our day, it was perfect and the memories are definitely forever.
The photo evidence of our friends will also be good negotiation tools for when we need babysitters in the future as well 😛

Here’s some more pics of our amazing wedding day:

Did you enjoy the first story time blog about my wedding?
Would you like me to do more story times where I walk you guys through other events in my life? Like my delivery story?

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