3 Cats + 3 Dogs + 3 Adults + 1 Baby

On another ‘Get to Know Me’ post – Today we’re gonna talk about the fur babies in my life.
Now as some of you may know, I am a HUGE animal lover. I don’t have any memories as a child that didn’t contain an animal. We always had pets; cats, dogs, birds, bunny rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, etc – You name it, we had it.

My mum always tried to make sure we each had a pet, one that was ours, then there was usually the family dog, or the family cat. But we always had a pet each.

Now of course, this habit rolled over into my adult life, and as soon as I got the opportunity to get my first official ‘adult pet’ – I got a cat [of course!] 🙂
Well Rick got me a cat haha – For Valentines Day, we adopted a beautiful Ragdoll kitten Meika – She was so cute as a kitten, and she just got prettier and prettier as she got older and developed all of her colours.
(Ragdoll kittens start out white and then develop colours as they age. Meika was a Chocolate Seal Point – So we did know that eventually she would become a chocolate-brown colour)

2 years later, we added another kitten to the mix, and adopted another Ragdoll – Khaos, he was all white just like Meika when we got him, but he was a Blue Seal Point; So we knew he would develop a grey/ashy colour to him as he grew up.

And boy did he grow, he’s 2 years old, and still growing – And he definitely isn’t a ‘small’ cat – Meika stopped growing quite early on, so we expected the same from Khaos.. But nope, he’s obviously got bigger/better plans for himself lol

Once our cat family was complete, and we’d moved into a house capable of handling a dog – That was naturally our next step.
Lucky enough, my dads beautiful Staffy was set to have puppies and we snatched one up so fast!

Echo our gorgeous tan staffy joined the family in July 2015 (Around the same time I found out I was pregnant – It was perfect, Echo would grow along side me, and then along side the baby)
She is the most calm and placid dog; the perfect companion for a baby – She fits into the family just right and is definitely ‘one of us’.

Now onto the other pets in our house. My mum moved into our place with us when I was pregnant for moral support, extra love and why not?

Along with herself, she brought her mother/son duo of Staffys – Mahlee and Rogue.
They fitted in well in our house, both Rick & I knew them both really well, and they love Rick, of course. Rogue was absolutely terrified of Echo when she was a puppy; So the added entertainment of this big dog running away from a tiny puppy was hilarious! But now they love each other and all is right in the world. 

Along with the puppies, mum brought along Nimbus “Nimmy’ my childhood cat who I remember clear as day picking him out of a litter.
He was a beautiful all black Persian/Himalayan mix – And the best god-damn cuddle buddy you could ever ask for.
Sadly, only a few short months after arriving in Sydney, he got really sick, and we found out he had an inoperable cancer – We had to put him to sleep, which was fucking horrible.
But he wasn’t in pain anymore, and he up in kitty heaven with all our other pets he grew up with & that we’ve lost over the years.

And finally, a year after we’d put Nimmy to sleep – Mum was miserable as it was the first time she never had a cat of her own in her life, so on Australia Day 2016 I snuck off to ‘meet a friend’ – AKA the lady I knew who had good kittens for adoption, and brought home little Lani – She was a gorgeous little Tuxedo cat, half ragdoll, half tabby (not that you can tell lol).
Mum was in love instantly and so happy to finally have a kitty all of her own.

So there you have it, our little farm of animals that all seem to fit perfectly in our home along with us and a baby.
Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way, living without pets is boring AF – Pets make it so much more fun and exciting. And there is always so much love!

Do you have pets? How many?
Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Love seeing how your different pets get along with (or at least tolerate) each other. My parents adopted a ragdoll they named Mira. She is gorgeous but more of a “love me from afar” cat to anyone but them.

    Lani is just too cute! My oldest cat (also my first) has the same coloring and I usually can’t resist his white “socks.” I’ve developed a special fondness for black and white cats over the years, but I still seem to try to collect them in every color 😉

    1. We are very lucky that they all seem to get along just fine.
      They’ve all learnt over the years that we will always get more pets so they just go with it 😂
      Ever since I was a kid we have always had at least 2 dogs and 2 cats my entire life. Life is so boring without pets! ❤️

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