Brows: Powders, Pencils, Gels

Part Four

Brows, brows, brows. It is the year of the brow! Everyone loves a good brow, and everybody hates a bad brow!
So I thought I’d share some of my fave brow products that I use every single day and swear by.

Two words.. Benefit Brows

Benefit Cosmetics is my holy grail. It is currently the only brand that i use on my brows.
I’ve had my brows tattooed before and they healed very patchy and uneven, so they are not great without any brow products in them; But Benefit has saved me with their brow collection!

zoom_bba0c2f98bda466692c70e919dd0d68496663877_1493172046_Benefit-Goof_Proof_Pencil_open_b_no_reflection_1_RGB_WEBGoof Proof Brow

Perfect to create a subtle yet perfectly structured brow.
Ideal for spot filling and adding detail – It’s easy to use; perfect for newcomers to makeup and a good introduction to brow filling.
I love to use it for an everyday look to create some shape and top it off with a little Gimme Brow to keep it in place.


Gimme Brow

Fiber gel that adds volume and colour to any brow look.
It can be used on its own for day-to-day natural look, or it can be built up on top of a pencil for a dramatic night look.
I use it over the top of the Goof Proof pencil to add some extra coverage, colour & to set my brows in place.


Brow Zings

The perfect little duo of wax and powder for your brows.
This little guy is the ultimate travel companion, it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your makeup bag, but damn it packs a punch in creating those Instagram brows.



The ultimate brow cream, gel, pomade – Whatever you’d like to call it.
To make life even more amazing, it comes with a perfectly compact brush! (AND it is stored in the container, so damn handy!)
The formula is amazing, it isn’t too thick or sticky, it’s just right. It fills in all the gaps in my brows perfectly, it looks so natural and the colour range is amaze!

Even though my brow routine is pretty tightly locked down; I am totally open to try out some new products that you guys recommend.
Does any one have a holy grail brand they use for their brows? 😍

*** This is not a sponsored post, all opinions, comments & information above are solely from the blog owner. No brand was involved in this post ***

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