Tools: Brushes, Sponges, Disposables

Part Six

In this final and sixth part of my series – I wanna talk about tools of the trade, what you use to create that flawless skin, perfectly blended eye shadow & crisp lip line.


My ultimate favourite brushes at the moment are by Doll Face Brow & Make-Up Studio – Created by an amazing woman who is just killing it in the brow & makeup game at the moment.
The brushes are amaze, the brow & makeup products are amaze & don’t get me started on the girls that work in the Doll Face Brow Bars ❤️!


The brushes that I reach for the most out of the collection are; the contour brush, large powder brush and large blending brush. They assist me with creating the most glowy-bronzey look with that perfect eyeshadow blend 😍


I will only use a Beauty Blender – Nothing beats an original!


Beauty Blender, Original


One word… Daiso
Daiso is so cheap, so good and heaven on earth for any makeup geek!


Cotton Swabs


Cotton Pads


Brush Cleaner



Mascara Wands

If you’ve enjoyed this six part series, and want me to put together another one on another set of topics, like baby essentials, mum essentials or just general life essentials – Let me know!

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