Focallure Liquid Lipsticks – Review

Hello hello all of you lovely people.

Today I’m doing an honest review / try out / swatch session on my blog to show you guys if all the hype around these Focallure Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks are all ‘that’ 🙂

I don’t know about you guys, but lately, I’ve been seeing these annoying ads pop up on my Facebook newsfeed – They’re super annoying and have made some pretty bold claims about their ‘amazing’ new liquid lipstick, and you know me, I LOVE a good liquid lip!


And at first, I called bullshit – Like there is no fucking way this liquid lipstick is gonna stay put & not move while I rub my hands all up and over my face!
But hey lets give them a go shall we…

These are the colours that I ordered, there was a buy 3 get 2 free deal, and you know, mumma loves a good deal 😛

Focallure Liquid Lipstick: #01 – Coquelicot


Focallure Liquid Lipstick: #06 – Rose Taupe


Focallure Liquid Lipstick: #07 – Chestnut


Focallure Liquid Lipstick: #08 – Old Rose


Focallure Liquid Lipstick: #10 – Ruddy Pink


[Image credit: New Chic – Focallure Liquid Lipstick]

Now keep in mind – The product claims to be a long-lasting, 24 hour, waterproof liquid lipstick… So I expect to apply it once (or to the desired colour I want), let it set and then it will stay put ALL DAY, through eating / drinking / kissing, etc
My expectations for this product were real fucking high, it made a lot of promises, and I expect those promises to be kept !!

So here is my actual experience with using them…

Holy fucking shit guys… (excuse my french) – These are so beautiful.

So initially, I unboxed them and was so happy with the colours, they are gorgeous!
It was late in the afternoon, say 6pm when I opened them, so I’m not just gonna run into my beauty room, do a full-face to try these out.

So instead, I swatched one on my hand, the red one of course 😛 and let it dry…
Then I proceeded to try & rub the shit out of it and get it off, nothing, nada, did not budge. No smudge, no colour transfer onto my finger, nothing. I licked my finger, tried to use a bit of saliva, and nope, no movement. I was so impressed!
Obviously I have a toddler at home, and got completely distracted and went about my night routine. Fed and showered Leo, dressed him and put him to bed then crashed out myself.
When I woke up in the morning, I noticed that other than a slight colour fade; there was no transfer whatsoever and no smudging.. WOW! That’s even being put through its paces of showering a toddler, washing my hands numerous times and being slept on all night.

So then, the real tested needed to occur, I actually needed to apply it to my lips, and see how long it lasts.. Here we go..

After I ate my breakfast and brushed my teeth.. (which now I realise also would have been an awesome test for this product!)
I put on my full face, and applied the liquid lipstick, let it set. Now let me say, no matter how much care I take on my lips, they are always dry or cracked of some sort..
Upon application, the product glided on so nicely and smoothly. But I did notice that as it dried, it did just that, got drier and drier on my lips. (Keep in mind, if you have super hydrated/healthy lips, this will not be a problem for you. The formula is beautiful)
I was super happy with the colour, the pigment and the formula. It’s all so creamy and beautiful. My lips were so dry, but I didn’t care, it looked amaze!


Check in. I have drunk 2 cups of tea, a Red Bull, water and eaten a croissant.
They have worn where normal lipstick does, just inside my lips, which is totally understandable. And there has been some transfer of colour onto my straws / food.
Even though my lips are SUPER dry and dehydrated, there hasn’t been any cracking or flaking off which I have noticed occur with some liquid lipsticks. But this one seems to just sit and stay put, which is awesome!

Since my last update, I’ve eaten a huge lunch and obviously drank some more liquids.
Again, there was a slight colour transfer on food / drinks etc – And even though they claim to be smudge proof, I never had the expectation of no movement at all, and there was slight movement. No smudging, but definitely transfer and a little fading.

Dying to wash my face. I haven’t topped them up at all or done any touch ups. I am so god damn impressed! Like my earlier check in, other than the wearing inside my lips where everything rubs off, everything else has stayed put. No bleeding or smudging either! <3

Now keep in mind, whenever I wear Liquid Lipsticks or lipstick of any kind, without even noticing it, I am super conscious of how I eat and drink, I tend to do all my drinking through a straw, and am extra careful when eating to ensure I don’t smudge things all over my face.. It’s just a natural reflex of mine, I tried to not be careful today for it to be a true and honest review, but I was in auto-pilot at some points today.

But I am so so stoked with how they held up, the colours are incredible, and of course this is only me wearing 1 colour all day, not all of them. So hopefully they do all hold up the same way, which I’m sure they will, considering they are all the same formula.
Overall, I am so happy, and will be holding on tight to these babies as new favourites in my collection!

Now I just need to find some products that can actually stop my lips from cracking/drying up all together. (Oh to dream!) But seriously, do you guys have any recommendations of lip products to keep mine hydrated?
Let me know below! 🙂

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  1. Why do they use Lipsense distributors’ videos to advise their product if theirs actually holds up? The first image in the video is Lipsense Blackberry. The image of the woman rubbing her purple lips is Violet Volt. The two-tone, top and bottom, is also Lipsense. Seriously, they should make and use their own videos using their own product if their product can hold a candle to Lipsense. I’d love to hear back from you about this. Thanks.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      I’m not sure. I wasn’t aware that was a different brands video. This isn’t in collaboration with Focallure or anything.
      I saw the videos they have on their Facebook page and decided to order them for a review.
      Sorry if this caused any confusion.

      1. I bought a Superstay and although it lasts long, it won’t keep your lips hydrated. We actually have the same problem and I just discovered how amazing this one product is through a friend of mine who was into testers. She recommended Revlon matte balm to me and true to what she said, it does keep your lips hydrated. But they’re so pricey and I’m still waiting for holiday discounts.

    1. I used lots of micellar water on a makeup pad and just held it over my lips until I felt it loosen up. Then rubbed it off. I had to use probably 2-3 makeup pads to remove the entirety of the lipstick 😊

  2. Hey babe I am actually selling these in my online store, my store in on my wordpress blog, I was wondering if I could maybe put a link to this review in the description, it would be better coming from another blogger, rather than the blogger thats trying to sell it, just let me know honey and I totally understand if you are not up for it xxx

  3. The worst..I ate corn on the cob….an hour after applying! Its all over my chin it looks like a kids make up product! smeared mess. Throwing it away😕

  4. How many coats do you have to apply at the beginning to obtain the results you got? My MIL used Lipsense and said they advise you to apply several coats before you get the advertised color. Seemed like a waste to me, so I didn’t order from them.
    BTW I LOVE that red!!!❤️

    1. One coat gave me the results in the lip swatches for all the colours – I was surprised how pigmented they were.
      And yeah applying layers would definitely be a waste.
      The red is beautiful, definitely my fave!

  5. I live in a desert and finding a product that kept my lips hydrated has been a huge challenge for me, BUT I have been using Alba brand un-petroleum lip balm, and these are amazing! They’re super inexpensive, the texture is great, it isn’t too thin or super sticky, and they are all natural, cruelty-free! 🙂

  6. I ordered three Focallure Lipsticks from this company back in November and never received the product. Tracked my order with their delivery company and app called Arrive and they claim they delivered it. Big fat lie! $60 charged to my credit card and no product. I’m furious. Beware of ordering from this company Uvenux!!!!!

  7. I got 3 colors yesterday, and I wasn’t as impressed as you seem to be. I didn’t get red though. They are super sheer, not much color, even the darker one I got. I ordered 3 shimmery ones, and received matte. It didn’t even remotely last through a meal. And it stayed sticky the WHOLE time it was on. No matter if I licked my lips or not. Yes it’s very dry. To say the least, I’m sticking with my favorite brand…Jouer.

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