First Impression: Too Faced Born This Way

Welcome back all of my lovelies!

Today’s blog will follow my day as I put the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation & Concealer through its paces.

I’m going to give you a play-by-play of my day and show how the foundation applies, sets & holds up on my skin.
[I have dry-normal skin, but can get a little shiny throughout the day and when I’m not fake tanned; I’m the lightest shade in both the foundation/concealer – Snow & Fair Light]

9:30am – Application 

I’ve unboxed the beautiful packaging of my new Too Faced products. They certainly know how to dress their products, and create an attractive appearance for consumers.

Decanting some product onto a palette; my first impression is the consistency is smooth & creamy, and the colour looked perfect for me, a slight pink undertone but not too much and the lightest of light shade that’ll suit my pasty skin perfectly ha!

(Side Note: Today my skin is extremely dry, so I have had to up my skin prep, I used a serum, moisturiser, hydrating primer and a hydrating mist before applying the foundation)

I used 1-1.5 pumps of product for my entire face, and applied it all with a damp Beauty Blender. A little goes a LONG way with this product && the coverage is amaze! I was so impressed that with one layer, all my redness was gone and blemishes blurred.

I then applied the concealer to my chin, cupids bow, under-eyes and bridge of my nose. It is such a nice consistency & colour, and provides a beautiful highlight to my face. Just like the foundation, I blended it in with my damp beauty blender and immediately set it with my Australis Fresh & Flawless powder in Natural.

I finish off the rest of my face, and add a spritz of the Mecca All Set Makeup Perfecting Mist to hold it all there all day (hopefully!)

1:00pm – Update #1

I’ve been out for a few hours running errands and having lunch. I’ve eaten, drank and touched my face a lot.

The foundation & concealer are holding up really well, I’m actually really impressed.
[Of course I’ve heard amazing things about this product, but having witnessed it for myself, it really is amazing!]
My coverage hasn’t changed, it isn’t wearing at a rapid rate – And I don’t feel as though I need to powder as yet.

It has faded a tiny bit around my nose and chin, but that is more my fault then the product’s, as I tend to rest my chin on my hand a lot and touch my nose way too often.

5:00pm – Update #2

It’s been a few more hours since my last update, and my skin still looks FLAWLESS – pretty much just as good as it did on application.
Like I said earlier, a little more fading has occurred around the same areas (nose & chin) – But I’m super happy with the way the coverage is holding up.

I am starting to look a little shiny just on my forehead, which isn’t unusual for me at this time of day. But also starting to crack and look a little dry around my nose area, which again, is probably my fault from blowing my nose and touching.
So normally I would touch up with my powder at this point; But for the purpose of the first impression, I’m not going to and I’ll let the foundation/concealer continue to wear on its own for a true and honest review.

8:00pm – Final Update

I am absolutely desperate to wash my face and be able to rub my eyes ha!
But overall, I am IN LOVE with this foundation; The coverage, the colour, the finish, everything about it screams YES for me.

It did wear over the day, but definitely not as much as my other foundations that I use, and definitely not in the coverage department, even after all day wear, it is still full coverage.
The only change in the finish occurred around the end of the day, resulting in a slightly shiny forehead – Which is more of a ‘me’ problem then a ‘product’ problem.

Overall, I think I have definitely found a foundation that has earned a pride of place position on my beauty table.
This product upholds its reputation and definitely impressed me through & through.

Too Faced know how to make a product that reels you in, hooks you tight and doesn’t let go. (Yes, I’m pretty sure I used a fishing analogy there..)
But they def make a good foundation & concealer combo here. I am in love!

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