New Family Addition: ‘Koa’

So for the last 6 or so months, I’ve been eyeing off adoption Facebook pages and websites, hoping to find a new addition to our family.

I finally got word from a Vet Hospital that a new litter of kittens had arrived and they were seeking homes for 3 of them.. I saw the photos and absolutely fell in love with this beautiful little caramel tortoise-shell baby girl.

I was smitten, she was gonna be my baby and I had to have her! I arranged a meet & greet to go and see her when she was just 8 weeks old. She was so tiny and adorable.
I instantly filled out the paperwork and she was mine! I had to wait a few weeks for her to meet a weight requirement and to be vaccinated before I could bring her home.

She had a name already, but from looking at her, I just couldn’t see that name on her, so I decided to hunt for a new one that suited her strong-willed and cheeky personality.
Our other 2 cats, Khaos and Meika both have a ‘k’ in their name, so I thought, what better place to start… But after days of searching I just couldn’t find anything that stood out to me.

So I started to think of different languages, meanings and cultures I liked, hoping to find something that had the meaning I was looking for.. And lo & behold, when I searched different languages for ‘Brave’ – Koa popped up, Hawaiian origin and so beautiful.
The description I found was: “part-gentle nature name, part-bold adventurer” – Perfect for her!

This is the photo from the advertisement that just stole my heart…


How could you not want to take her home?! <3

So on a freezing cold and shit weathered Friday afternoon, I went to pick up our new little family member. She was so friendly, and purring up a storm as soon as I collected her.
She wasn’t a huge fan of the car, or the cat-carrier she was confined to. But after opening the door and putting a fluffy blanket on my lap, she curled up and slept the whole drive home. She was definitely comfortable and felt safe with me 🙂

Her first few nights at home were a breeze.. With previous kittens we’ve brought home, they struggled with being separated from siblings and were unsure of their new surroundings. But not Koa, she just slotted right into our family, adjusted well with the other animals and in true ‘brave’ style, took over the house!

img_1977.jpgThis was Koa, all settled in on her first night at home.. She looks very comfortable, and not at all unsettled. So cute!

It took a week or two for her to warm up to the dogs of course, as she had never met a dog, and only had exposure to her 2 siblings.
And of course, a new addition to the house excited the dogs very much and they instantly wanted to play with her and get to know her lol
But we had to keep them separated and only allow supervised time together until she was comfortable enough to wander around the house without hissing at them ha!

But it certainly didn’t take her long. We’ve had her for 2 weeks now and she has fully integrated herself into the family, made herself at home and made adoptive siblings for life with our other fur babies.

Welcome to the family Koa <3

If you’ve been thinking about or are looking for a cat, dog, bunny, etc to adopt and give a good forever home, please please do it. It is so rewarding to know you’re rescuing an animal and giving it a life it may never have had without you

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