No Thanks, I’m Good

Here we go with a post of ‘No Thanks, I’m Good’ – A new series on my blog about things that I don’t like 🙂

First up… Makeup and beauty products, that were, disappointing.
Tried it, didn’t like it. Tried it again, didn’t like it even more.
These products I have tried in the last few months, and well, my experience wasn’t great.


  • Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer
    This product just left a slimy, oily film on my skin – I couldn’t even bring myself to actually put foundation over it. My skin felt so gross, and the product didn’t soak into my skin at all.
  • Finale Make-Up Setting Mist
    The smell was nice, the spray was generous – But the formula just left my face looking wet, all over my completed full face of makeup, I was so annoyed. I ended up having to blot it off and touch up my makeup as it was just so wet.

Makeup Products

  • Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation
    Disappointed is an understatement! I watched YouTube videos, read reviews and forums – I researched the shit outta this foundation as I wanted to use it for my wedding. But holy shit, it oxidises 2-3 shades darker than what you purchased, it clings to every line, dry spot or blemish on your skin and the finish is so dry and flaky looking. I used 1 pump and the bottle now lives in my draw. Worst $65 I have ever spent!
  • Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder
    I definitely had high hopes for a ‘flash diminishing’ powder… Nope, I glowed like casper and was white as the ghost himself in flash photos. Not happy.

Makeup Remover

  • Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water
    I didn’t purchase this, it came in one of those Priceline goodie bags when I spent way too much money on makeup during one of their massive sales. But I love Sukin cleansers and moisturisers, so I thought why wouldn’t they be able to make a good micellar water? Well for one, the scent is horrible, and my skin felt so sucked dry of any hydration I needed to re-wash my face with a cleansing milk to make it feel normal again!
  • Johnson by Johnson 3-in-1 Face Wipes
    These things did not remove my makeup, they simply just pushed my foundation around my face and smudged my eye makeup. I think they aren’t moist enough to actually do their job.

Brushes / Tools

  • Real Techniques Silicon Eye Liner Brush
    The first time I used this brush, my eye liner was more on fleek than it had every been before. But after only using the brush 3 days in a row, the little silicon tip snapped off the brush. I care for my brushes so much, and I was so annoyed that it just simply snapped.
  • Silicon Beauty Blender
    This thing had so much hype behind it, but I hated it, I guess the beauty blender soaking up a little bit of product really does wonders for the finish of your foundation, cause this thing just placed a thick layer of foundation on my face with no blending. I had to go over it with a buffing brush to push the product into my skin, followed by my damp beauty blender to get it to the finish I wanted.

The reviews above, are my opinion and my experiences, I understand everyones skin is different, and of course I would never want to deter you from a product that you like. They just didn’t work for me 🙂

Do you have any prepping, makeup, tool disappointments that you’ve come across lately? Let me know below.


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