Pack With Me: Phuket, Thailand

Hello all of you lovely people.
I hope you’re all having a lovely hump day (Wednesday) and week so far πŸ™‚

I am of course in an amazing mood today, planning what I’m going to pack for my girls trip to Thailand in t-minus 3 weeks.. But who’s counting? πŸ˜›

We are going for 7 nights, 8 days.
Consisting of; 4 nights on the mainland in Phuket, and 3 nights on a private island.
I am so fucking excited!
I’m nervous (a.k.a freaking out next level) thinking about 8 whole days away from my little boy, but so keen for a well-earned break for this overtired mumma!

Here’s a few little photos of where we are going to get you in the mindset of our beautiful holiday my girlfriend and I are about to embark on….. (daydream with me please)

4 x Nights @ Location #1: Banthai Beach Resort & Spa –


3 x Nights @ Location #2: The Racha Island Resort & Spa –


I literally could not be more pumped for this trip!
I get to have a week away; that consists only of food, relaxing, massages, shopping and sleeping – Oh my god, uninterrupted sleep is going to be so foreign for me.
I bet I will still wake up multiple times a night, LOL!

Now, lets get down to the packing.. Packing for Thailand is pretty simple.
It’s hot AF pretty much all year round, so whenever you go, you’re likely to sweat and/or live in your swimmers/bathers/bikini/cozzie (whatever you all call it where you’re from) for the entirety of your trip.

So my packing list is pretty simple…

  • Plane outfit (there & back)
    [Usually consists of leggings, singlet/tank top and a cardigan – I usually just wear slide on sandals so I can take them off easily]

Carry On Luggage
I usually take the small wheelie size carry on bag with the majority of the below in it, including all electronics and their chargers. And then just a simple small black backpack to carry my essential need to reach items like passport, pens, wallet, etc.

  • Passport
  • Wallet
  • iPhone / iPhone Charger
  • Camera / Camera Charger / Memory Cards / Tripod
  • GoPro / GoPro Charger
  • Headphones
    [I have these Wireless Beats – I don’t like the plane ones, they hurt my little ears]
  • Apple Watch charger
  • Compression Socks
  • Water Bottle
    [That I can refill – I love my Brita Fill & Go, it has a water filter which I like]
  • Puzzle Book (Yes, I am a nerd, love me some Sudoku)
  • Pens
    [LOTS of pens, I always end up not having a pen at the airpot when I need one!]
  • Panadol/Nurofen/Advil, etc
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes
  • Lip Balm (2-3)
  • Face Moisturiser / Hand Cream (Small bottle, 50ml or less, airport rules)
  • Ziplock Bags (2-3)
    [I always take extras as all liquids need to be in one]
  • Laptop & Laptop Charger
    [I usually have entertainment included in my ticket, but I take it, just in case]
  • Spare change of clothes
    [especially when travelling to a hot place, so I don’t die from the temperature change, as its currently winter in Sydney]
  • And of course… Shit tonne of airport snacks and trashy magazines πŸ˜›

Check-In Luggage


  • Bikinis (for an 8 day trip, I’ll probably take 3-4 bikinis)
  • Sarongs (1 or 2)
  • Maxi Dresses (2-3)
  • Mini / Cover up Dresses (2-3)
  • Shorts (3-4 pairs)
  • T-Shirts (1-2)
  • Singlets (3-4)
  • Dinner Outfits (2-3)
  • Underwear (obviously)


  • 1 pair of heels (for dinner)
  • Slide on Sandals
  • Thongs / Flip Flops
  • Dressy Sandals (1-2 pairs)


  • Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Loofer
  • Toothbrush / Toothpaste
  • Body Moisturiser
  • Aloe Vera Spray
    [Keep it in your hotel room bar fridge for sunburn. You’ll thank me later]
  • Face Wash / Scrub
  • Face Serum & Moisturiser
  • Face Wipes
  • Wet Wipes

Makeup Bag:-
Even though I tell myself I don’t need it, I won’t use it, or whatever. I always take my whole god damn makeup bag with me. I can’t help myself, I just do.
I end up only using my mascara and maybe a little concealer at dinner. But I have to take it all JUST IN CASE ha!

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting Powder
  • Brow Pomade
  • Liquid Eyeliner Pen
  • Mascara
  • Eyeshadow Palette (1-2)
  • Lip Liners
  • Lipsticks / Liquid Lipsticks
  • Setting Spray
  • All my brushes / sponges

Miscellaneous Items:-

  • Plastic Bags (for dirty laundry)
  • Journal & Pen
  • Extra puzzle book
  • Book to read
  • Hair Straightener

And there you have it guys, that is pretty much all I am going to take for my girls trip to Thailand! I know at the start I said my packing was ‘simple’ – But now that I read it back, it’s probably a lot more elaborate than most people lol
Oh well, I don’t need to pack for my husband & toddler as well as myself for this trip.
So this is simple AF for me! πŸ˜€

Have any of you been to the places we are staying? Or have any suggestions of activities to get up to whilst we are there?
This isn’t my first time to Thailand, but it is my girlfriends. So I wanna show her the best bits and not do all the cheesy touristy stuff πŸ™‚

We are definitely seeing the FantaSea Show, and doing a day tour to the islands.
But other than that, we don’t have any plans other than shopping πŸ™‚

Let me know if I’ve left anything off my packing list, or anything that you think I should definitely take with me πŸ˜€

And get ready for a full run-down post when I get back of our beautiful holiday and pictures of all the adventures we get up to <3

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