Guess What?

So for the last couple of months, I’ve been hiding a secret from all of you…..





Yup, you read that right.. #BabyScott2 will be making his/her appearance in early 2018, and adding to our human family of 3 and fur family of 4.

Our journey to this place definitely was not like the first time around.

With Leo, other than the sad miscarriage immediately prior, I practically sneezed and got pregnant, twice.
And naive little me, assumed “oh well it was easy the first time, this time will be the same.
Cue some very anxious, tiring & tear filled months seeing negative after negative on pregnancy tests. I honestly give props & so much love to those ladies out there that try for years unsuccessfully, 6 months of nothing literally destroyed me emotionally.
It was taking a toll on me, and effecting everything in my life. From work, to home, raising Leo etc. So we decided to put our plan ‘on hold’.

Well wasn’t that the oldest trick in the book, 2 weeks later, I’m feeling a little ‘off’ and still a week away from my period being due.. Of course, the curious cat within me took hold of my willpower and forced me to do a test.
Lo & behold, 2 bright pink lines appeared on that evil stick that I had been cursing for the last 6 months.
I was excited, shocked and scared shitless that the one thing I’d been begging and dreaming for had finally happened – Why does our brain do this to us?

Of course, I proceeded to pee on sticks everyday for the next week to make sure it was ‘still there’ – Followed by a blood test at my GP.
Paranoid much?
Why yes I am. After a miscarriage and a high-risk pregnancy with Leo, I am a walking case of paranoia when it comes to all things related to procreating.

But after holding the secret in for what feels like FOREVER, we’re finally ready to tell everyone and share our happy news <3

We’ve had our check ups & ultrasounds with the Obstetrician and health tests done at the GP, and everything is looking PERFECT 🙂

I get my genetic testing results back in the next few days, and cannot wait to share the gender with you all! hehe
Anyone wanna take bets? Blue or Pink?

Leo has no idea what the hell is going on, other than the fact that mummy’s tummy is swelling and its fun to lay on haha!
My 2 babies will be just under 2 years apart and hopefully Leo adjusts well to sharing his mumma & dadda with another little one of us.

I am about to hit my second trimester, and definitely looking forward to some relief of this morning sickness (all day sickness) and the tiredness.
Also… Bring on maternity wear! <3
With my pregnancy with Leo, I was obsessed with dressing my bump, it was the perfect ‘accessory’ to any outfit. My dresses look better with a bump than without! LOL! 😛

Anyone else have bub’s 2 years apart and love the gap?
I’m totally open to advice on dealing with 2 under 2, handling those first few weeks at home attempting to juggle the 2 and whatever else you guys can offer me 🙂

Also, watch this space for a multitude of pregnancy/baby/kids related blog post coming up real soon!
I’ll be discussing things like:
– Preparing for baby number 2
– Redecorating/Re-arranging the house to get ready for the new addition; and
– Things I did/didn’t like and will/won’t use again from our first time around with Leo.

Any suggestions of future posts is always appreciated, loved and taken onboard <3

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