Gender Reveal

Alright ya’ll so last week, on the 8th August – I had a blood collection done at the Sydney Ultrasound for Women, for the nest test to be conducted on me & bub.

And we FINALLY got the results, after an agonising wait, I found out my risk levels for all the potential health conditions my bubba could have/develop and we also found out the GENDER!!! <3

So here we go…


[Of course Leo would not stay still and made all the photos blurry, but we got there in the end! (I think lol) – Clearly he is incredibly excited to be a big brother! <3 ]

I am so so excited and feeling very blessed to have another healthy bouncing boy growing inside of me. Leo is going to have a little brother playmate for life and I cannot wait to see them together and watch their relationship grow.
I’ll be the Queen in my house of beautiful boys to love on, and I absolutely cannot wait.

Before I found out; I was incredibly worried and scared that if I found out I was having another boy, that I might feel a little bit disappointed (which is totally okay, and natural & it doesn’t mean my love for this baby would be any less real)
But I actually surprised myself and felt nothing but excitement when I saw the blue confetti explode out of that ballon! 😀

A small part of me was hoping for a girl, I think it’s only natural for me to want a daughter; Purely to experience raising both a boy and a girl.
Not because I wouldn’t feel complete without one or because I felt like I would be missing out on something. Just because it would be nice.

But I am so keen to continue this adventure with my boys and see what life has to bring. Our little family unit is complete and our future looks fucking amazing. Here we go! <3

Now our mission is to come up with another name as cool & simple as Leo… 😐
And we have to agree on the name, the spelling and then the middle name as well. Oh dear… Help! 😀

My results for all other aspects of the test:
I tested in the lowest risk category for all potential syndromes and disorders, and do not require any further testing on the baby, which is even more amazing news! <3

I won’t receive my risk rating for the Pre-Eclampsia until I have my follow up scan on the 25th of this month to compare my blood results to the baby’s growth – Then they will be able to tell my probability of developing Pre-Eclampsia again this time around. Hoping for a low risk result and a slim to none chance of P.E would be AMAZING! 🙂

Now here’s some info about nest – the test I got done that provided me with this wealth of knowledge on our little blue bean 🙂


The nest test screens for the most common chromosomal conditions that can affect your baby’s health. Nest looks for too many or too little copies of chromosomes.
Missing or extra copies of chromosomes can be associated with intellectual or physical disabilities, with different levels of severity.

  • Trisomy 21 Down Syndrome
  • Trisomy 18 Edwards Syndrome
  • Trisomy 13 Patau Syndrome
  • Gender Screening
  • Pre Eclampsia Screening


The results come with 2 possible outcomes:

  • Low Probability
    means the expected number of chromosomes were found
  • High Probability
    means too many or too few copies of one of the chromosomes has been identified

Following on from the results, a high probability will result in a recommendation for further Diagnostic Testing to be conducted.

With the Gender Screening, it can test for different Gender related syndromes such as:

  • Turner syndrome – only one X chromosome in a female
  • Klinefelter syndrome – an extra X chromosome in a male
  • Triple X
  • Jacobs syndrome – an extra Y chromosome in a male

If no syndromes are detected, your results will be simply labelled Male (XY) or Female (XX)

And with the Pre Eclampsia screening, it is similar to the Trisomy results, it will be a Low Probability or High Probability – But take note, that this test only detects if you will develop ‘Early Onset Pre Eclampsia’ which happens before 34 Weeks gestation.
It doesn’t determine if you will develop PE at all throughout your pregnancy.
[So with Leo, I didn’t develop PE until 38 Weeks, so my results from this same test last time were a 1 in 5,000 chance of Early Onset Pre Eclampsia]

I paid $445 AUD for my nest test, and it is not covered by Medicare or my Private Health.

My nest test will also be followed up with an ‘Anatomy Scan’ that will measure all the babies bits from head to toe, to ensure growth is correct and no other red flags pop up throughout my pregnancy. It will cost us $350 AUD, also not covered by Medicare or my Private Health.

You can find out more information and where you can have the test conducted here:

If you have any questions on my results or anything relating to my nest test – Or any testing/scanning I have done throughout my pregnancy;

Let me know in the comments below and I will either do a follow up blog post or just answer your questions below 🙂

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