Dressing the Bump

I don’t know about you other mumma’s out there – But maternity clothes have to be the most fun to shop for, aside from baby clothes of course! <3

I have so much more fun finding different ways to dress my bump then I do trying to find something that looks nice on me pre or post baby; sad I know.
Bump dressing is just so much better. A baby bump is the ultimate accessory! 😀

In today’s post I’m gonna give you guys a bit of a run down of my ‘go-to’ stores for what I wear during pregnancy.
With Leo, I probably spent the majority of my pregnancy in denial of exactly how big I was going to get in the end ha! – Because I never actually purchased anything that was ‘maternity‘ specifically. I angled more towards buying pieces that I already owned, just in a larger size… And continued to repurchase those items in the next size up as my bump grew.

I mostly took this approach because I noticed that whenever you add Maternity or Pregnancy in front of any clothing item, it automatically adds $50 to the price tag, which is beyond ridiculous. Because if you’re pregnant, whether it’s your first or 5th child, you’re conscious of money, and shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort because the clothes are horrendously priced. (My opinion clearly, not anyone else’s)

One of my ultimate favourite stores for pregnancy clothing was Kookai.
Clearly it is not a maternity store or have any pregnancy clothing line there, but their dresses and tops are so fucking stretchy and comfortable, I just couldn’t go past them for my pregnancy staples.
I already owned a few dresses from there and happened to chuck one of them on one day, and I had a holy shit light bulb moment – It was so comfy and even though I was clearly up a dress size, my Size 1 black Pania Dress fit like a glove, hugged the right parts and looked amazing with my bump <3
So I went back and stocked up on a bunch of their mini and midi dresses, their singlet/tank tops, stretchy skirts and crop tops as well.

Other than Kookai, I bought a lot of basics from Boohoo and ASOS like leggings, singlet/tank tops and stockings as I fell pregnant in winter.
And more cotton/stretchy midi dresses for CottonOn.

I’ll also admit I spent a lot of time, and a fair bit of money in Kmart as well… They are so bloody cheap and if you’re going to go up a size every month during your pregnancy, $5 for a t-shirt or tank top is a no brainer! 🙂

I started pre-baby as a small Size 6, sometimes a Size 4 depending on what brand I was shopping in for my bottoms/pants/skirts etc and a Size 10 up top for the girls 😛
By the 9th month of my pregnancy I was wearing a Size 8 sometimes Size 10 in pants and a solid Size 12-14 in my tops. My boobs went from a 10DD pre-baby to a 12F when my milk came in. Boobs were well and truly taking over my body!

Even though Leo was born in March, and I *barely survived* a heat wave in Sydney over the Christmas break, I still found myself going for my leggings as they were just so comfortable and supportive on my bump. Of course I had the air conditioning cranking in my house, and my poor husband was freezing his ass off ha 😛
If I wasn’t inside, I lived in my Kookai or CottonOn dresses.

And if I needed to really cool off and head to the beach or pool, I rocked my Sheridyn Swim bikinis that were amazing for my growing boobies and ass ha! 😛
I literally had around 6 pairs in all different sizes for the different stages on my pregnancy, it was amazing, and they are so beautifully made.

This pregnancy, I’ve already purchased a pair from Sheridyn Swim ready for my trip to Thailand this week 😀

Once I start to get a little bigger I’ll be heading back into Kookai for more dresses and basics to get me through this pregnancy. Just like my first, I’ll be my most pregnant through Summer and the hottest time here in Sydney. So wish me luck!!
Hopefully I don’t melt 😐

Any suggestions on maternity clothes that I should try out?
Any maternity brands that you actually swear by and think are worth investing in?

As usual, let me know in the comments below and I will definitely look into them <3 xx

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