DollFace Cosmetics – Lip Kit Review

It’s time for another first impression / review / swatch / try on blog today on TheMakeupMumma 🙂

Of course, previous posts have proven that I am obsessed with Liquid Lipsticks – So imagine my next-level excitement when I received a beautiful package from the owner of DollFace Cosmetics <3

Within the package I received these beautiful Lip Kits in 6 amazing colours!
Creme de la creme, Chasing dreams, Hustle, Bring your slay game, Unstoppable & Entrepreneur
I am in love, in awe and so fucking excited to get into these babies!!

Each Lip Kit comes with the Liquid Lipstick of course, and a beautifully complimenting Lip Liner. The packaging is so beautiful, I love the black border around the white box, the font is elegant and the added touch of the colour preview circle on the front is so handy!

Now, let’s talk about the formula….

Lip Liner
It is literally the smoothest lip liner I have ever used, not even joking. It looks like a regular Lip Liner Pencil, but no no no, this baby glides on like a perfectly formulated crayon. Even after being sharpened a couple of times, its still as smooth & creamy as the first application.

Liquid Lipstick
Of course, like any other liquid lipstick, I’m most interested in the pigment/strength of colour of the lipstick. I cannot stand a Liquid Lipstick that looks beautiful in the canister, but then comes out sheer as a window. But this is not the case here, the pigment and colour appears so beautiful & strong upon swatching it on my hand.
I am so impressed! Its creamy, hydrating (but not too runny) and on my skin, it dries a semi-matte. I wouldn’t say its completely dry, sucking the moisture out of my lips matte – But its got the matte appearance, whilst still feeling super creamy and smooth on my lips.
[As you guys know, I’m shit at taking care of my lips and always have cracked or dry lips, so I need a moisture based Liquid Lipstick so I don’t end up looking like a prune with red lips ha!]

Overall, my first impression is “Holy shit game changer!!”

Now we have to do the real test, and try them on! <3

The colours are all so beautiful, and I love how well matched the Lip Liners are to the Liquid Lipstick – And of course they can both be used on their own, or in conjunction with other products 🙂

Not to mention, they LAST!! All day, through eating and drinking; and even a sneaky kiss with the hubby or a smooch on my son. They don’t transfer either! I just love the shit outta these things! ❤️

Have any of you guys tried these? I highly highly highly recommend!!!
They are a new staple in my makeup collection, and their packaging is adding a beautiful detail to the decoration in my beauty room <3

All in all; I could not recommend these little babies anymore than I already have. They are beautifully made, and a lot of care & thought has gone into every minor detail from: the colours, the formulas, the packaging and even the fact that they are not tested on animals, which is a huge deal for me. I absolutely love the company & all it stands for; and it helps that every single product I get my hands on just impresses me more and more!! 😍

IMG_2756What do you guys want me to review / first impression next?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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