Public vs. Private 

Please be aware that this post is entirely my views, opinions and experience. I am only sharing my story so that others can make an executive decision on the delivery of their baby - I am in no way saying that my circumstance will happen to everyone. So when you get pregnant; You have the... Continue Reading →

New Shit I Want x10

Today's post is all about the current 10 new products that are out that I am absolutely drooling over and cannot wait to get my hands on! <3 These items below are all items that are in the "New Arrivals" section of all the below stores. I am always researching new products, trying to find... Continue Reading →

My Bondi Sands Tanning Routine

Now I will be honest with you guys; since becoming a mum, my tanning routine has suffered and during Autumn/Winter I tend to not tan at all... I know, its horrible; But I'm pretty much covered neck to ankle in winter anyways, and since I'm time-poor, its best to not waste my tan during Winter... Continue Reading →

Follow Me To: Thailand

So two weeks ago, I got home from an amazing 7 days in paradise a.k.a Phuket, Thailand. It was the most relaxing break, with good company (my girl Hayley <3 ), awesome sights to see and of course amazing food! Keep reading to see what we got up to 🙂 Day 1: Saturday, 26th August... Continue Reading →

YouFoodz Review & Trial

So something you might not know about me; I am an incredibly fussy eater. I don't eat a lot of vegetables, pretty much since I was old enough to say no to the green shit on my plate, I did ha! - I eat some vegetables, but not copious amounts and probably not the ones that... Continue Reading →

9hr Flight Skincare Tips

So as ya'll would have seen from previous blog posts and copious amount of holiday spam on Facebook (/TheMakeupMumma1), Instagram (@themakeupmumma), Twitter (@themakeupmumma_) and Snapchat (@tminx93) Go follow me btw <3 But if you didn't know; I recently spent 7 days in Thailand on a girls trip. And obviously, to get to/from Thailand, one has... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Baby #2

As all of you now know, I'm pregnant with my second little baby, due early 2018 <3 Preparing for a second baby is a whole different ball game from your first... You've got some stuff that can be re-used, and you've got a fair idea about what you're gonna need this time around as you've... Continue Reading →

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