Preparing for Baby #2

As all of you now know, I’m pregnant with my second little baby, due early 2018 <3

Preparing for a second baby is a whole different ball game from your first…
You’ve got some stuff that can be re-used, and you’ve got a fair idea about what you’re gonna need this time around as you’ve done this all before!

We’ve done a huge clean out of Leo’s room; Sorted all his clothes by size, gotten rid of a lot of stuff that was stained/won’t be re-used and started preparing his room to be converted into a ‘Big Boy Room’ πŸ˜›

This time around we definitely have a good idea of what did and didn’t work for Leo, and what we will/won’t be doing with our second.

The cot we purchased with Leo converts into a toddler bed with a side guard rail that came in the package. So we know that a convertible cot is definitely a must this time around.

We had the Mothers Choice bassinet for Leo, which in the first 3-4 months was a god send to have next to the bed for breastfeeds during the night, and since I had a C-Section my level of movement was limited in the early days, so not having to trek to his nursery every 2 hrs was amazing!!
Negative – This time, I will be purchasing a new bassinet as the one we had with Leo, pictured below, is way too deep for me to bend/reach into with a fresh c-section scar.
(Obviously in the beginning when it was purchased, we didn’t know what my range of movement was going to be)
So I’m currently on the hunt for a bassinet that isn’t as deep and/or has a drop side for easy access. [Totally open to suggestions as I am definitely spoilt for choice!!]

Here are some pictures of the furniture items we bought for Leo:

Our babies are going to be 2 years apart, so we definitely can’t just use all of Leo’s stuff for the second one. He needs his bed still and most of the furniture in his room.
So I need to purchase a Cot, Bassinet and change table.
The new bub will be in our room for the first 3 months at minimum, so I don’t need to set up a 2nd nursery immediately, which is super handy! πŸ™‚

Nursing Chair
Personally, I won’t be using/buying one this time, I obviously have the one from Leo’s room – But I can honestly say, I did not breastfeed in this chair once!
I use it more now to read him books and spend time with him, etc – But its more of a place to put laundry/toys that just don’t have a home and ends up making his room look messy. So it definitely won’t be a necessity this time around! (Unless of course I magically find an incredibly comfortable chair that changes my life & I must have! ha!)

Since we are having another boy, we do have a lot of clothing items that we can re-use; But we will also purchase new stuff as well, as every new baby deserves things that are just theirs <3

Over the next few months we will be stock-piling nappies / wipes / bath and skincare products for this new bub as we did with Leo, it was so handy to literally not need to buy nappies or wipes for at least the first 4 months of Leo’s life. So convenient!

Prams / Car Seats etc
Not long ago we upgraded our single stroller to the Bugaboo Donkey Duo, so we are well prepared for bub number 2 – All I need to purchase is the car seat adaptors for the capsule we will be using.
This time around, I’m going for a different capsule, obviously one that is compatible with our stroller – I’m currently steering towards the Nuna Pipa Lite, it’s so easy to instal and is incredibly light, handy after a c-section! capsules are expensive, considering Leo barely made it to 5 months in his capsule before needing to move into a rear-facing convertible car seat; but we will just look after the seat as best we can and sell it once we’re done with it πŸ™‚ 
And once the new bub outgrows the capsule, we will purchase a convertible car seat, most likely the Britax Safe n Sound Millenia like we have for Leo now πŸ˜€

Other than the major furniture purchases and car seat situation – We seem to be pretty prepared/set up for this baby which is definitely helping my stress levels! πŸ˜›
We will obviously need to buy some clothes/toys etc – That we just don’t have from Leo, but right now I think we’re pretty good! <3

In the upcoming blog posts, I’ll include details/images of all the changes we make to Leo’s room and us attempting to set up and get organised with the new baby’s stuff.
I am so excited to redecorate and get busy organising myself for baby number 2. Shopping for babies is the most fun ever! πŸ˜€

Any suggestions or recommendations on things I might need for baby number 2 – Definitely send them through, I’m so excited to buying baby stuff again <3

I will of course keep ya’ll posted of any purchased I make and what products I’m loving this time around πŸ™‚

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