Pregnancy Update: 2nd Trimester

It’s time for another pregnancy update!

I am officially in my Second Trimester (13-27 Weeks) and I’ve gotta say, I am loving it a lot more than the first (that I spent 90% of my time in the bathroom vomiting).
I have had little to no sickness since stepping into the 2nd phase of my pregnancy, and I am feeling much better each & every day 🙂

I’m getting bigger by the minute and finally starting to gain some pregnancy weight!
(I lost around 2-3kg in my first trimester due to all the sickness, so I have to gain it back before I am officially ‘gaining weight’).
Also, I’m not fully showing as yet, I am still in the awkward half bloated/half pregnant stage with my baby bump. And with it still being winter in Australia, I am struggling a little to get myself dressed in the morning.. I usually wear a lot of pants to work, obviously because they keep you warm, and since none of my pants will do up anymore, I’ve had to invest in some winter stockings to wear under my dresses. Lol!

But hopefully the weather in Sydney is on the incline and I can start rocking my dresses a bit more, they are so much more comfy and bump-friendly 🙂

I’m almost half way through this pregnancy, some days I feel like its flown by, and others I feel like its the slowest thing ever!
Oh well, I’m just enjoying this time I have with just me and Leo before his baby brother arrives and our world turns even more crazy! Lol!
Let the fun begin 😛

The Bump


So since becoming pregnant, in total I have put on 4kgs in 16 Weeks – not too little and not too much according to my doctor 🙂


Are you also Pregnant and in your second trimester?
I’d love to chat and talk about our pregnancies so far 🙂

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