Baby & Toddler Show, Sydney

So a couple of weeks  – I dragged my mumma  & a girlfriend down to the ICC in Darling Harbour to go to the Essential Baby & Toddler Show 2017 – Of course, I have a toddler, and a baby on the way, so I thought why not do a little girls day out in the city to explore the expo and have a nice lunch while we’re at it 🙂

So we drove into the city mid-morning and waltzed along the promenade at Darling Quarter towards the ICC – Along the way we stopped and got some coffee and enjoyed the sunshine. It turned out to be such a beautiful Spring day which was lovely 🙂


Once we were at the expo, as I had pre-registered for free tickets in advance, we didn’t have to pay entry or anything, we just wandered in and were ready to have a shop & explore all the stands 😀

Before we went around to the stalls, we checked out that layout map of the expo to plan a good route to walk around to see everything. Once we had a game-plan we were off to explore!

Like most expos, we didn’t buy a whole lot – It’s more about the experience, and even with the ‘discounted’ prices, you can usually find things online for cheaper.
I use the expo’s more for research then anything, and an opportunity to play/try out products before I commit to buying them 🙂
And of course, this is our second baby, so there isn’t much point in going ‘overboard’ as we just don’t have the space for it at home lol

I did purchase a few item:-
BabyStudio Pregnancy Pillow
Love-To-Dream Swaddles for Bub #2
OXO Sippy cups for Leo B
BabyStudio Collapsible Baby Bath for Bub #2 🙂

We only lasted at the expo for a few hours before we were tired, starving and sick of people being all up in our space!!
So we ditched the expo and headed into Harbourside Shopping Centre for some lunch, and a little peruse around the shops 😀
(You can’t come all the way to the city and not do any shopping 😛 )

Even though I don’t get a lot out of the expos, it really doesn’t stop me from going along – I just love baby and kid stuff, and keeping up to date with the latest 🙂
They get me everytime! lol


Did any of you attend the expo as well?
If not in Sydney, maybe in Melbourne or Brisbane? 🙂

Essential Baby & Toddler Expo

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