First Impression: Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

As you all know, I’m a little obsessed with my current brush collection from DollFace Cosmetics – Other than my Beauty Blender, and a few eye brushes from Zoeva; I tend to not stray too far from loyal favourites.

So you might be a little surprised that I actually purchased the entire Real Techniques Bold Metals collection just to review and try for you guys πŸ™‚

Okay, it’s not entirely just for you guys, they are beautiful looking, and even if I don’t like the brushes, they will make a nice addition to the decoration of my beauty room πŸ˜›

So in total, I purchased 8 brushes (I think there may be more brushes in the collection, but I only got these babies)
Did I miss any that you definitely think I should try? Let me know in the comments! πŸ˜€

All brushes / sets were purchased from Priceline AU in Australia.

So the brushes that I got my hands on are:

  • Bold Metals Spotlight Essential Set
    300 Tapered Blush
    102 Triangle Concealer
    203 Tapered Shadow
  • Bold Metals Complete Eye Set
    200 Oval Shadow
    201 Pointed Crease
    202 Angled Liner
    203 Tapered Shadow
  • Essential Holiday Limited Edition Set
    103 Angled Powder (Exclusive)
    200 Oval Shadow
    300 Tapered Blush
  • 301 Flat Contour
  • 101 Triangle Foundation
  • 100 Arched Powder
  • Miracle Diamond Sponge

All in all, I do love these brushes – They are all beautifully made and super fluffy!
I’m more interested in seeing how long they last, how they wash and of course how they apply the makeup!

  • The eye brushes are all unique and so nice on the face, they blend beautifully and don’t seem to hold onto too much product πŸ™‚
  • The face brushes are incredibly soft and I love the triangle and tapered shapes of them that just contour the hard to reach parts of your face and get right into every crease for a more flawless application.

I die for the packaging, the beautiful gold, rose gold and silver brushes all compliment each other, and of course purchasing 3 of the ‘packs’ has meant I collected myself some beautiful little travel bags to take with me πŸ˜€

I’ll have to update you guys in the near future as to how they are going, how they are washing and whether or not I will continue to use them πŸ™‚
Typically when I add brushes to my collection, I like to give them at least a month of solid use before I give my official report back on whether or not I like them πŸ˜€

I shall keep you guys posted <3

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