Day Trip to IKEA

As the title suggest; I’ve taken a day trip to IKEA 
If you visit IKEA and don’t block out a whole day for it, and consider it a full outing, we cannot be friends. There is no just ‘popping into IKEA” for 1 or 2 things, this does not happen. Its an event, you put it in your calendar, and you enjoy it.

I’m redecorating pretty much my entire house at the moment, and when anyone redecorates, IKEA slips off the tongue at some point as it it just the place to go when you need shit for your home, on the same list as Kmart and Target 😛

So here is my shopping list:
(but not limited to any other items I find whilst walking around admiring everything)

Now of course, I always walk out with more than what is more on list, cause come on, its IKEA we’re talking about here!

So yes, I did in fact get all the items mentioned above; along with some other miscellaneous items that always grab my attention whilst walking around the display showrooms – Like lint rollers, kitchen seal clips, baby bibs, throw blankets and pegs LOL!

Now, I was going to include some cute little snippets of me actually ‘putting together’ the furniture, but they actually ended up being staged/posed photos and to be honest, the truth behind those photos was lots of swearing, yelling, throwing and maybe a few tears during the building process that its just not appropriate to paint a perfect little picture for you guys.. HA!

So lets pretend everything went off without a hitch, I built everything easily & wasn’t stressed AF at all! K? 😀

Did you enjoy my little day trip rendezvous to IKEA?
I can definitely do more of these as I am regularly out hunting for things for the house and I am always shopping. So let me know if you’d like more ‘follow me shopping’ or ‘shopping haul’ posts 🙂

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