Researching… Baby Monitors


So I am currently on the hunt for a new baby monitor for Leo, and baby Number 2…

I currently have the Oricom Secure 860 Digital Video Baby Monitor (#SC860) – Which I like, its served its purpose well, and works for us at the moment.
The only downside is the battery life is shit and barely lasts the 2 hour day nap that Leo has, let alone needing to use it for 2 babies.

And also, I need a second camera to go over Baby No 2’s cot – and since they are sharing a room, I need to make sure there isn’t going to be any interference with the 2 being so close together! So many factors to think about! 😐

So I have officially started my hunt, and have narrowed it down to 2 different monitors, I think…

So my requirements are:
– Dual cameras, 1 for each cot
– Good battery life for the handset
– A phone app if possible, so when I’m away from home, I can still check on my babies
– Colour screen / viewing etc

Uniden BW3451R+1 Baby Monitor

– Dual monitors + Phone App
– Good battery life (according to reviews)
– Colour screen / viewing
– No known interference occurred


BabyTech Peek-A-Boo Baby Monitor
$149.00 per camera 
– Phone app only
– Colour screen / viewing
– No interference recorded
– Battery life as long as whatever device app is being used on

I’m loving both of them, the features are all amazing and exactly what I’m looking for.

I just need to decide if/how important it is for me to have the handset to use, if I could just use my phone, maybe thats enough?

Have any of you guys tried either of these monitors?
What do you think? Pros/Cons please 🙂

Let me know below in the comments 😀

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