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This mumma has been pampered!!!

In preparation for my baby sisters Hen’s weekend on the Gold Coast last weekend, I toddled my pregnant-bum off to get some pampering done! 🙂

I went and got my nails and a pedicure done at Urban Nail Bar and then off to get Eyelash Extensions done by my girl Sandy at Fabulashes 🙂


On my nails, I get SNS Acrylic – I went for a 3 colour combo this time for a bit of difference and colour for the hens weekend 👰🏼 These are my natural nails with the SNS colour on them, I used to get tips (extensions) added until my nails had grown long enough to no longer need them.

Before discovering Urban Nail Bar through a girlfriend, I used to just go to any little nail salon I walked by and get Acrylic tips/colour put on. My nails were so brittle, weak and breaking. I never even got my natural nails to a Length where I could scratch myself. They were always so short and soft and not functioning 🙁

Since using the SNS, my nails are so healthy, grow so well and just generally function as they’re supposed to, which is amaze! 😍

tempImageForSave 2 On my toes, I just got an express pedi done with Gel polish. With my bold nail choice on my hands, I opted for a blush pink natural colour on my toes. I’m super lazy with my pedicures and nail polish on my toes; so something that is gonna grow off relatively naturally was definitely a good choice lol 😝

My girl Sandy at Fabulashes is amazing and always does such a good job on my lashes! I naturally do have long lashes, but they’re blonde and not very full and don’t have much volume to them.

So when I go to sandy, I get 3D/4D volume lashes. She just place them where needed and adds the volume as she goes. I love them. They last me around 4-5 weeeks if I look after them 😍❤️

Getting these things done each month really are my little mummy guilty-pleasures <3
I do
of time to spend running around getting beautified or anything, but I do take 2 hours out of every month go to make myself feel pretty 😛

What do you do to make yourself feel good?
Do y
er tips for a busy mumma to keep up to date with her beauty routine?

Let me know below 🙂


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