Family Sunday Fun Day

So since we will be welcoming Baby #2 into our lives in a few short months; We thought we should start doing a few more ‘family outings’ with Leo before he will have to share our attention, and potentially not get to do as many outings for a while after his little brother here.

So for our ‘Sunday Fun Day’ this week as the weather was nice, we ventured out to Cronulla for some breakfast and for a stroll near the beach; We live around 40mins from the beach, so its nice to enjoy it when we can find the time to get out there 🙂


Rick, Leo, my mum & I, along with one of Leo’s God Father’s had a massive breakfast at Nulla Nulla Cafe followed by a relaxing wander down by the beach.

Once the boys were all tuckered out and tired – We popped Leo in the pram for to head back to the car and drive home.
Leo was on-point with his tantrums today, so we decided its best to not keep him out longer than needed.

Cronulla is always amazing, its definitely a happy place of mine.
I was a very very tired mumma by the time I got back to the car; But the weather was nice, a beautiful Spring day and I think we all thoroughly enjoyed a little family time, minus all of the tantrums that Leo threw along the way.

I really enjoyed getting out of the house and just having some really genuine family time with our little household. We love Cronulla and do miss living out this way as the area is so beautiful, and such a good space to raise kids.
If only house prices weren’t so bloody expensive, we might actually be able to live out here! 🙁

The last month or so, we’ve definitely put a lot of effort into getting out of the house and having some family time; and also attempting to actually enjoy the amenities that Sydney has to offer us 🙂

Is there anywhere in Sydney that you would recommend we visit one weekend for a family day out? 😀

We’re always looking for new little family adventures to go on to get us out of the house and get some family bonding time in <3

Let me know in the comments below.

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