Hospital Must-Haves: For Mum & Bub

Hospital packing for the second time around is definitely a lot easier than the first! I know what I did and didn’t use, what I regretted not taking, or what I needed more of.
So I’ve got a lot more clarity this time; which helps a huge amount considering how indecisive I have been this pregnancy! 🙂

Even when packing for my first delivery, I always believed that you can never truly ‘over pack’ for hospital. If you don’t live close to your hospital of choice, you definitely don’t have the convenience of someone being able to ‘pop home’ and pick up something for you, and you certainly don’t have the luxuries of home.

So getting myself sorted this time, I kept that same mentality, I cannot over pack. Pack what I feel I and bub will need, and anything that is a ‘nice to have’ lol

So here is a little breakdown of my must haves and my nice to haves 🙂
[Keep in mind, I will be spending a whole week in hospital, so if I seem to be packing a lot, its because I’m making sure I am prepared for the time I am in there]

For Mumma


  • Disposable Breast Pads (1 box – 50 pairs)
  • Maternity Pads (3 Packs – 10 per pack)
    [with my first c-section, I had maternity pads coming out my ears (like 10 packets), and since I didn’t have as much bleeding as natural delivery mumma’s, I really did not need all of these, it was a little excessive ha!]
  • Nursing Bra(s) (5 x)
    My advice is 1 for each day, just in case of leaks, vomits, etc
    If you don’t have access to have washing done.
  • Underwear [Boylegs] (10 pairs minimum)
    I only needed to actually throw out 2 pairs from my hospital stay. But definitely think that the more the better, just in case. You don’t need someone having to run to the shops to get you more.
  • Cardigan / Jacket / Dressing Gown 
    Hospitals get freezing at some points during the day, and if you just wanna rock around your room in a nursing bra, having a gown to just throw on when visitors come is so handy.
  • Slippers
    Slip on/Slip off are best, I took ugg boots and slips on, and never wore my ugg boots.
  • Fluffy blanket (Coloured)
    Make sure it is brightly coloured or easily distinguished.
    I lost a blanket whilst in hospital as it was light grey, and the nurses stripped my bed and sent it off to dry cleaning and I never saw it again.
    So I replaced it with a bright coloured one.
  • Own Pillow (with coloured pillowcase)
  • Phone / Phone Charger
  • Headphones
    Especially if you’re going in the night before delivery, and/or going to be sharing a room, headphone are a necessity if you want to watch a movie/tv etc
  • Breastpump
  • Heat Pack
    Works wonders on a c-section scar when the contracting occurs during breastfeeding!
  • Compression Tights
    (I feel as though this would apply to both natural and c-section mumma’s. They are amazing and help hold everything in place, and encourage everything to go back to where it belongs. Note: C-Section mumma’s – you’ll need to seek OB advice on when you can put these on. I had to wait until 48hrs post surgery before I was allowed to put them on.


  • Water Bottle
    I liked having my own that I could just refill and not have to use the scabby throw away cups everytime I wanted water, and I got a brightly coloured one as well to stand out so I wouldn’t forget it.
  • Laptop / Laptop Charger
    If you’re going in the night before or going to be in for a while, entertainment is required
  • Camera / Camera Charger
  • Makeup
  • Own Towel / Bathrobe
    Personally I took my own towel with me, but I actually purchased a towel specifically to take with me, a big fluffy towel, that I was okay with throwing away after my hospital stay due to blood, etc But it was so nice to have a big fluffy towel after a shower, cause hospital towels are NOT SOFT!
  • Nursing Pillow
    I didn’t waste my money on a ‘nursing pillow’ – A $7 boomerang from Kmart worked just fine for me lol

For Bubba


  • Bonds Zippies
    00000 – 2x
    0000 – 5x
    000 – 2x
  • Singlet Onesies (5x)
  • Socks (5 pairs)
  • Long Sleeve Tops (3-4)
  • Leggings (3-4)
  • Swaddles (2)
    Love to Dream are the BOMB!
  • Blanket (Coloured)
  • Dummies (2 different kinds)
  • Bottles
  • Nappies (1 box)
  • Wipes (3-4 packets)
  • Capsule


  • “Going Home Outfit”
  • Bibs
  • Mittens
  • Stroller (in the car)
  • Formula (just in case)

As you can see above, Mum definitely needs more than Bub in the packing sense.
Leo definitely didn’t need to change his outfit as often as I did due to vomiting, leaking, bleeding etc – And bub’s outfits are more about ease and convenience, especially after surgery 🙂

I always take a few different sizes of each item as well, with the 00000 and 000 sizes, I tend to separate them into little bags and label the size on it so they are separate to the other items in the bag, just in case bub is smaller or larger than the average.
0000 is the standard sizing for a newborn, so I tend to pack as though that will be his size; Leo was 4kgs born, and size 0000 clothing was a little big on him, so I doubt I will have much trouble dressing this one 😀

Anything I missed that you recommend I take with me?
Is there anything new out that you took to hospital, that you definitely think I should try?? 🙂

Let me know in the comments below! <3

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