Update: 25 Weeks Pregnant

6 months pregnant <3

We made it you guys; 6 months down, 3 months to go!!
Since my last update at 21 weeks, for my Morphology Scan – Not a lot has changed, other than my weight, and belly size increasing rapidly!!

The Bump

The bump is getting bigger, & my little boy is growing bigger and stronger by the day.
He kicks all day, everyday and does not give mumma a break at all!
I have come to the conclusion, that I love pregnancy a lot more once its all over LOL.
I forget about all the aches and pains that come with daily life as a pregnant person. I do always miss my bump when its gone though…


I have now put on 7kgs from my pre-baby weight; and actually feeling really good about it so far.
At this point in my pregnancy with Leo, I was 12kg up from my pre-baby weight, so I’m a bit lighter this time around, and definitely not feeling as swollen thus far! 🙂




Next update will be 30 weeks.. Keep an eye out 🙂


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