Review: Samsung Galaxy S8

Now, before we get started on Review #2 of the week; Let me just say this…

I am an iPhone user, through & through. I love my iPhone and love my Apple products (I have a Macbook, iPad and iMac at home as well as my iPhone)

But I’ve gotta say you guys, I am pretty impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S8…



I have had a Samsung Galaxy once before, it was a disaster. I had my Samsung Galaxy S6 for 2.5 weeks, and hated every second of it; First device I got my hands on (brand new) was faulty, second one wouldn’t hold battery life, so needed to be sent away for testing and get the battery replaced, and the third device would freeze every time I had more than 1 app running at a time.
I walked into the Telstra store 16 days after picking up my first Samsung Galaxy S6, calmly put it on the counter and said “give me an iPhone, I can’t do this anymore” LOL!
Dramatic I know, but I was seriously over it, I had never had so many issues in my life.

So cue the fear and anxiety that I had when organising a work phone, that it was going to be an android 😐


The Phone

The design / appearance of the phone is actually quite beautiful; The all glass front creates a seamless design and provides the illusion of a larger screen without it being a ridiculously large device. (I currently have the iPhone 7 Plus as my personal phone and its a little smaller than that, but not as small as the standard iPhone 7).



  • Iris Scanner
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Front Camera: 8.0 MP
  • Rear Camera: 12.0 MP
  • Size (cm): 14.89 H x 6.81 W x 0.8 D
  • Weight: 155 grams

It is water and dust resistant, has an edge-to-edge screen and is a Cat.16 device capable of downloading up to 1050mbps.
It really has been designed well with the targeted users in mind.


  • Fingerprint Scanner
    I don’t like that the scanner is on the back next to the camera, and that you use your index finger to unlock it. I am sure I will adjust and get used to it, but as of right now, its so annoying and I keep forgetting that is how I need to unlock my phone; So I have to keep entering my password.
  • Spotify / Google Music, etc
    I find all the Android-run music programs to be really unusable and not user-friendly at all. Apple music is definitely a better platform to utilise for music needs.
  • iPhone vs Samsung
    It’s incredibly hard to adjust to the Android interface from an iPhone.
    I just need to be patient and let myself adapt!




Overall, it is a beautiful device. I am still undecided on whether or not I could full time have just an Android device.
But all-in-all – I’m pretty stoked with the updates that Samsung have made to their phones since my meltdown with the S6.

If you have a different type of android, an older Samsung or actually are thinking of swtiching from the iPhone – The Samsung Galaxy S8 really is a strong contender!!

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