Leo’s New Big Boy Room

Having two boys is going to be an interesting adventure. Creating a space for two boys to live and thrive in, is also going to be an adventure. So let's see what I've done Short Term and what I plan to do Long Term to create a space for my boys that I hope they will love... Continue Reading →


Christmas Crazy! 🎄

Decorating the house for Christmas is definitely a 'new' thing for us this year. Last year for Leo, we only really had the tree set up as he didn't have much idea what was going on. But this year, he has every idea of what is going on and he is so excited by every... Continue Reading →

Master Bedroom Tour

For people that know me, I get bored of things VERY easily. One week I’ll re-arrange a room in my house, buy new cushions or choose a new colour palette.. And within a month or two, I’m already sick of it and looking for the next new furniture item to fill my redecorating dreams. So... Continue Reading →

Beauty Room Tour

Who doesn't love a good room tour? <3 I know I find myself drawn to Blog Posts and YouTube videos of my fave girls showing me around their beauty room or their house's etc So I thought why not give you guys a little sneak preview of my beauty space that I have set up... Continue Reading →

Review: Nuna Leaf Bouncer

Time for Review #4 and the final review in my 4 part review fortnight 🙂 Now obviously I don't have a baby to put in the bouncer, so an updated review once #BabyScott2 is born will definitely occur - But for now, here's my first impression/trial of the Nuna Leaf Bouncer 😀 First of all,... Continue Reading →

Review: iPhone X Silver

Kicking off Review #3 we are reviewing the iPhone X Silver today!! I am so fucking excited for this phone you guys, you have NO IDEA !!! 😀 Now my luck with getting my hands on this, was a total god damn fluke! I wandered into my local Optus shop near my work to talk... Continue Reading →

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