Beauty Room Tour

Who doesn’t love a good room tour? <3
I know I find myself drawn to Blog Posts and YouTube videos of my fave girls showing me around their beauty room or their house’s etc

So I thought why not give you guys a little sneak preview of my beauty space that I have set up in my house 🙂


So recently; I’ve re-done my beauty space because obviously, we are now going to have 2 babies in the house, and I’ve had to do some moving around and have relocated my beauty room from the room it was in, into Leo’s old Nursery.
The boys are going to be sharing a room at the back of our house, which is a lot larger than the nursery space Leo had.
So my beauty space has definitely downsized and evolved over the last couple of weeks, into a more ‘multi-purpose’ space instead of just a beauty room.

Now it can function perfectly as my beauty space/office area and a extra spare bedroom should we have a bunch of guests stay over, which does happen a fair bit 🙂

Room Tour

So pretty much all my furniture was purchased from IKEAin Sydney with a few bits and pieces from other stores, but I’ll try to link everything with their image so you guys can check them out. (If I can remember exactly where they came from!)


So my main desk space with all my daily-used makeup on it, consists of 2 white desks and some shadow box shelves on the wall.
A rectangle and squaredesk from the same design line “Melltorp” from IKEA.
The shadow boxes on the wall above are from Mocka, from forever ago, and they don’t actually stock them anymore – These were originally in this room for Leo’s nursery, but I’ve just kept them in here as I’m redecorating the kids room separately.
My chair is also from IKEA and is the “Skruvstachair.

Along the back of my 2 desks, I have a set of floating shelves resting on top which are supposed to be upright and attached to the wall, but I had this idea to lay it down to create a shelf and some little hidey-holes for all my bits 🙂 The shelves are the “Lack” floating shelves from IKEA.
And the wooden baskets that I have slid into each of the holes are from Kmart.

Placed on top of my of the shelf is a mirror from Kmart– I bought this FOREVER ago, so I highly doubt its for sale anymore, but it’s so pretty, and much nicer than other mirrors I’d ever seen there before, so I snapped it up real quick! Best $20 ever! 😀
As well as some little knick-knacks for decoration.


The clear acrylic makeup storage with all my daily my makeup in it is custom-made (watch this space, future project sneak peek right here).
My black brush cups are also custom-made (coming soon!).
The little fake plants are from Kmart.
And of course my beautiful Chanel Bag 🙂

I’ve just kind of placed knick-knack items in and on my shadow boxes with the Chanel packaging and candles as my decorative bits. There isn’t much thought-process behind all this. It was just kind of whatever I had in the house, and placed it all together until I thought it looked nice lol

I try to keep everything off my desk and in my drawers, which I use the plastic drawer dividers that were made for theAlexDrawers from IKEA to keep my shit organised 😛 and this is placed next to my desk with a cute little Kmartplant on top.


Another storage solution I have in my beauty space is the ‘Maya Ladder’ shelves from Mocka – I use this just to decorate the room a little; adding some little decor items that I picked up from Kmart, no serious styling going on here. Just pretty things I’ve found and placed on the shelves 🙂


The final piece of “furniture” in my room is this beautiful daybed, from, you guessed it, IKEA – It is the Brimnes Day Bed with 2 storage drawers.

One of the drawers just house extra linen for the day bed as it actually converts to a double bed, so extra sheets, blankets and quilts etc are stored here. And when the bed is made up, the cushions and throws can be placed in here 🙂
And the other drawer is full of spare beauty stuff – Like face wipes, cotton tips, face pads etc – I bulk buy all of this stuff from Costco, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline etc whenever they are on sale, so I tend to always have a supply here 😀


And of course, my beautiful blush pink soft shag rug from Kmart is what ties the whole room together on the floor <3


The amazing clock on the wall above the daybed is also from Target – I know, I was so bloody shocked, it is GORGEOUS!!

Moving onto the wardrobe. You guys are lucky cause’ I cleaned this out and tidied it up just for you.. (It was well overdue and this post in combination with the room move forced me to part with some things I’d been hoarding for years! lol) And being moved into a smaller room, I’ve had to do a lot of sacrificing 😐

On the hanging side, I obviously have tops, dresses and playsuits on hangers.
Underneath I have a shoe rack from Kmart with all my shoes nice and tidy.


On the other side of the closet, I have my coats and jackets hanging on the top rail, and all my other clothes folded in the drawers and some perfumes/bags and decorative items on the shelves 🙂

This whole closet space is very rarely tidy or organised as I throw stuff in after its been washed or pull something out for an outfit then change my mind lol 😛
Plus I also keep stuff in a set of drawers I have in my bedroom and coats on a rack in our living space, so I legit have clothes everywhere ha! I really gotta get my shit together!

And that is pretty much my beauty room. Not overly exciting or over the top. Buts it’s functional, works for me and ultimately looks a bit pretty too 🙂
We are currently renting this house, so I can’t really go installing some elaborate storage system (even though I would LOVE to!)
But once we move into our own place, I will definitely give you guys an updated tour of my custom-built beauty room that I have clearly already designed in my head 😛


Did you guys enjoy my mini room tour?
Are you excited to see my Living Space and Master Bedroom redecoration projects that will be coming up on TheMakeupMumma real soon?! Get excited!

As always, let me know what you thought of today’s post below in the comments and I hope you’re all having an awesome middle of the week 🙂 <3

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