Master Bedroom Tour

For people that know me, I get bored of things VERY easily.
One week I’ll re-arrange a room in my house, buy new cushions or choose a new colour palette..
And within a month or two, I’m already sick of it and looking for the next new furniture item to fill my redecorating dreams.

So it won’t be a shock to most, that I am redecorating my house lol

As per the title of the blog suggests, I’m redecorating my master bedroom!
I’ve been wanting to upgrade our bed from a Queen to a King for awhile now, and I found a bedframe that I’ve just completely fallen in love with, so I’ve decided it is time! 🙂

I’ve been hunting for a new mattress as well, because Rick and I are 2 very different people and sleepers. He likes the soft and cushy things in life, and me with my terrible back, love a firm bed, with a firm pillow to keep me all in line LOL!

Now, ideally I would have given you a ‘before’ look of my space, but between being a hectically busy working mum, super pregnant, wife etc – I never got around to it, especially before I got click-happy and started ordering all the new furniture lol
So you will have to use your imagination.

So prior to my redecoration, the space was “nice” – Functional, it worked, the furniture didn’t look old, used or ratty etc
And of course, there is no real ‘reason’ as to the changes I’m making.
But like my other living spaces, I want to lighten things up, bring in some lighter colours and just rearrange to give a new fresh feel for things 🙂

And of course with the new baby coming, I did have to move some furniture out to be able to fit the cot and nursing chair into our room for the first few months of bubba’s life.

So let’s jump right into the details of our newly decorated Master Bedroom 🙂


Like I said above, I’ve been searching for a mattress to go with the bedframe I have fallen in love with, and the mattress process; I must admit has been fucking hard. Rick and I are polar opposites when it comes to our sleeping habits. And we just want different things from our beds lol

But I have finally settled on a mattress that gives us both! The Ecosa mattress has a removable and flippable inserted top layer that gives both sleepers the freedom of choosing from Medium, Medium-Firm or Firm sides of the mattress. Which is perfect for us, completely customisable and suited for fussy sleepers! lol

Now here is the Bed Frame I purchased:

Aaron Bed – – $1,059.00

And the Mattress:

Ecosa – King Mattress – $1,199.00 (free shipping)

And finally, our new Bedside Tables:

IKEA – Kullen 2 Drawer Bedside Tables – $49.00

I am so obsessed and in love with my purchases. They are so beautiful, high quality and holy shit comfortable.

Now in the front half of the room, I’ve gotten rid of the black leather couch that was in our room, and replaced it with the beautiful Traby Accent Chair and Foot Stool from Amart Furniture (Rick doesn’t need a whole couch to play X-Box on lol) – and of course the Cocoon Evoluer 4-in-1 Cot (Currently set up in Bassinet mode) with a little 3-tier trolley from Kmart to store nappies, wipes, creams etc for bubba. And finally, the beautiful Nuna Leaf Bouncer in Cinder with Toy Bar and Wind Soother <3

And with the TV, Drawers and Shelves – This was already in the room, so I didn’t actually make any changes, but I’ll let you know all the items, so you can purchase them if you’d like 🙂
The TV is from Kogan, the drawers are from IKEA, the white shelves are from Kmart and the Rose Gold Basket hidden off to the side is from Kmart 😀

Traby Accent Chair, Silver – – $439.95
Cocoon Evoluer 4-in-1 Cot – – $899.99
Kmart 3-tier Trolley, Black – – $19.00
Nuna Leaf in French Grey, with Toy Bar & Wind Soother – – $569.97

So here is our finished redecorated bedroom:




Note: I am still yet to add a personalised hanger above the cot with bubba’s name on it (it’s a secret, so you guys will just have to wait to see that! 😛 )

I hope you guys enjoyed this post on my redecorating.. In the upcoming weeks I’ll be doing a post on the redecoration of the Living Room once it’s complete 🙂 Stay tuned.

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