Leo’s New Big Boy Room

Having two boys is going to be an interesting adventure.
Creating a space for two boys to live and thrive in, is also going to be an adventure.

So let’s see what I’ve done Short Term and what I plan to do Long Term to create a space for my boys that I hope they will love now, and will continue to love as they grow 🙂

So as mentioned in my Beauty Room Tour – I’ve had a reshuffle of spaces in my house.
My beauty room has moved from the back of the house into Leo’s old nursery space as its smaller; and Leo’s big boy room (to be combined with the new bubba’s nursery in the future) will go in the back room of our house which is a lot larger than our 2 other spare rooms.

So my ‘grand plan‘ was to have 2 cots, a chest of drawers a rug and some art work. Nothing else; Nothing fancy or over the top. I don’t want to encourage them to spend time in here, so the less the better! 🙂

Short Term

For right now, Leo will be the only one in here until the baby is no longer sleeping in our room. So for a little while, he gets the space to himself to be a “big boy” 🙂

Leo now has a new big boy bed by i.Life (King Single) in his room that I picked up on a BrandsExclusive online sale for, wait for it, $175!! :O – I am so in love.

And a few weeks back in one of those “Wednesday Special Buys” sale at Aldi, this beautiful cabinet popped up in the catalogue, so I waddled my very pregnant self down to Aldi and grabbed myself one as I could not pass up the deal! $79.99 price, the perfect size and matching colour palette to the rest of the room! 😀

On the other side of his room, is the nursing chair I had when he was a newborn which we now read books on. And for  storage, the cube shelves I bought a million years ago from Kmart with all his Teddy’s currently residing on it.

Here are the items I purchased:

i.Life King Single Bed – www.brandsexclusive.com.au – $175.00
Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 9.05.53 pm
6 Cube Storage Unit – www.aldi.com.au – $79.99

And here is the finished room! 😀
I love the space I created for my little adventurer. He loves his new bed, and has always enjoyed hanging out in his room. So hopefully that continues; and once his little brother moves in mid-next year, I’m sure they will have a lot of fun in here together 🙂





I didn’t want to over run the room as since he has not long transitioned into his big bed, I don’t want him to have too many things to play with should he happen to venture out of his bed lol 🙂

Long Term

Once the baby is no longer sleeping in our room (Check out my Master Bedroom Tour post for all details on our new bubba’s sleeping arrangement for the first few months of his life) – The boys will be sharing this room long term.

So when planning what I wanted to do with the space, I had to think up the best way to lay the room out, decorate and keep it practical for a new baby and for an over-active toddler.

So for this conversion of single baby to duo baby in the room, I obviously already have the new cabinet in here and will remove the nursing chair and cube shelves to make way for Bubba No 2’s cot and the Kmart trolley with nappies, wipes etc on it.

Our beautiful Cocoon Evoluer 4-in-1 Cot will go on the opposite wall to Leo’s bed.

With of course, the fluffy rug on the floor to make it feel a bit more cozy.

These are the pieces I’ll be bringing in to complete the space:


Finally, I had to add some decorative pieces;

Overall; I am super stoked with all the pieces I found for the room, and so excited to watch my boys grow up side-by-side in this room together <3

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