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As per my post a couple weeks back, you guys would know that I am redecorating some areas of my house 🙂

Here’s a link to my previous post: Master Bedroom Tour

So there is nothing wrong with my previous lounge room setup, technically. Other than the main fact, that it was not very baby friendly. My entertainment unit was practically a stair way to stitches for my toddler, my coffee table had a glass top which my son just LOVES to smash his toys onto, and overall, the vibe is just not working for me anymore.

Again, like I mentioned in my Master Bedroom post, ideally I would have given you a ‘before’ look of my space, but between being a hectically busy working mum, super pregnant, wife etc – I never got around to it, especially before I got click-happy and started ordering all the new furniture lol…
So you will have to use your imagination.

The space had nothing ‘wrong’ with it, it worked, it all fit in the space – It was functional – the furniture doesn’t look old, used or ratty etc
And there really is no reason other than aesthetics or practicality that is making me want to change things.
I just want to freshen things up, bring some lighter colours into the furniture and attempt to create a space where my son can’t use it as a jungle gym ha!

Now I’ve got my beautiful big Phoenix couch from Plush Furniture, in this gorgeous grey colour (Plushtex Cloud), and the matching Snuggle Chair, also from Plush. So I definitely didn’t need new ‘seating’.
And we have our big 55″ TV to house on an entertainment unit.
As well as the Lack console table from IKEA that sits behind the couch that houses picture frames 🙂 

Along with a little kids table and chairs from Big W for Leo to do his arts & crafts on 😀


So I’ve been hunting for the last couple of months to find the additional pieces of furniture to complete my living space.
& of course, I wrote myself a list to find exactly what I wanted:

  • Entertainment Unit
  • Coffee Table(s)
  • Rug for under coffee table

Here’s my final choices…

Entertainment Unit

Chelsea Low Sideboard – www.mocka.com.au – $149.95

Coffee Table #1

Art Coffee Table, White – www.zanui.com.au – $179.95

Coffee Table #2

Art Round Table, White – www.zanui.com.au – $103.95

Lounge Room Rug

Tortuga Mandala Round Jute Rug, www.zanui.com.au, $129.95

I absolutely LOVE all of my purchases, and the best thing is, it really didn’t cost that much to get all of these items, and with free shipping to my house, it was so convenient!
I fucking love online shopping! hehe

Now here’s a view of the final product <3

And a little look at the play area we currently have set up for Leo in our living space…

All of his cars lined up (of course) and the beautiful natural coloured cube shelves from Kmart with black storage boxes and baskets, also from Kmart 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this post on my redecorating.. In the upcoming weeks I’ll be doing a post on the redecoration of the Master Bedroom once it’s complete 🙂 Stay tuned.

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