Update: 35 Weeks Pregnant

Home Stretch!

We made it you guys; I’ve only got 5 weeks til my due date!!

Since my last update at 25 weeks, A LOT has changed! I am not only a lot bigger, slower and in a lot more pain, but baby is getting bigger, stronger and making himself known in my tummy, and of course further additions to my long list of potential health issues just keep arising!

Since my last update, still no development on the Pre-Eclampsia situation, symptoms have been here and there, but not all at once to officially be diagnosed.
I am officially extremely iron-deficient, resulting in me needing to take tablets everyday, along with Magnesium tablets to help my legs and hands which are suffering incredibly with pregnancy cramps.
And to add a new one to the mix, I am teetering on the edge of being diagnosed with Cholestasis. The itch is real!! My bile salt levels are higher than the average person, just not high enough to be officially diagnosed.

So YAY for health issues whilst pregnant! 😐

But other than that, I am finished up working in the office now, so a lot more rest time at home between now and baby’s arrival.
The nursery is all set up, hospital bags are packed. And the final to-do item is to install the capsule in the car.

Just to add another spanner in the works, my husband is literally only going to be present for the birth of bub, and then be gone again.
I’ll be going into more detail about this in an upcoming post on everything that’s happening around the birth of bub, who will and won’t be here and how I am feeling about it all! So stay tuned! πŸ™‚

The Bump

I feel as though I have said to myself a million times this pregnancy..

“Can my belly REALLY get any bigger?!?”

And every time, I get slapped in the face with a big huge… YES IT CAN! 😐

He is growing, I am growing and we’re all moving a little slower as this pregnancy progresses.
I’m in a lot of pain, whether its my lower back, my pelvis & hips, my stretching skin or the horrendous Braxton Hicks Contractions that have decided to grace me with their presence in the last 2 weeks. The pain is real.

But let’s stop talking about it, and I will show you the huge difference in my belly over the last 10 weeks since my last update… πŸ™‚


I have now put on 14kgs from my pre-baby weight; which means in the last 10 weeks, I have officially put on 7kg – Which is the fastest/largest amount I’ve put on my entire pregnancy.

It took 25 weeks for me to put on the 4kg I lost in my first trimester, and the additional 7kgs on top of my pre-pregnancy weight.
But in the last 10 weeks, 7kgs piled on so easily.

Let’s hope bubba is packing on the pounds as well, so I can partly blame him πŸ˜›


Next update will be most likely be the birth announcement of #BabyScott2

So get excited and keep an eye out!! πŸ˜€

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