ColourPop Haul

I recently went a little nuts on the ColourPop website – Ordering almost 1 of everything because it is so cheap and everything is so beautiful!! 😀

I already have a few ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks, so I already know I love the brand and their formulas, so I was definitely a confident little shopper when placing my order 🙂

So here is what I picked up:

Brows – $5.00 USD

Brow Boss Pencil, Light Brown
Brow Boss Pencil, Blonde

Lip Pencils – $5.00 USD

Lip Liner Pencil, Bossy
Lip Liner Pencil, Brink
Lip Liner Pencil, Skimpy

Lippie Primer – $5.50 USD

1 lippie primer

Lippie Primer

Lippie Sticks – $5.50 USD

Lippie Stick, Faded
Lippie Stick, Brink
Lippie Stick, With The Band
Lippie Stick, Trust Me
Lippie Stick, Love Life
Lippie Stick, Bossy

Liquid Lipsticks – $6.50 USD

Ultra Satin Lip, 951
Ultra Satin Lip, Echo Park
Ultra Satin Lip, November
Ultra Satin Lip, Calypso
Ultra Satin Lip, Strip

Ultra Matte Lip, Sunday
Ultra Matte Lip, Creeper
Ultra Matte Lip, Saigon


Super Schock Eyeshadow Palette, Polite AF – $25.00 USD
Super Shock Eyeshadow Foursome, Phase Me Out – $18.00 USD


gimme more highlighter.jpg

Highlighter Palette, Gimme More! – $18.00 USD

I love every single item that I bought, I can’t wait to wear them all in future makeup looks.
I know everything is super predictable for me, pinky nudes, bright reds etc lol
But there’s no point adding things to my collection that I won’t wear 🙂

Do you love ColourPop as much as I do?? <3

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a full post on any looks I create using all these new goodies!! 😍

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  1. Strip is one of my favorite nude lips! The Gimme More palette is amazing! Perfect for everyday, plus you can mix and match the shades for a custom highlight! 😍

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