Four Weeks with You <3

My beautiful baby boy. You have been Earthside for four weeks now and you are officially a month old.

I don’t know if I’m more happy about having to have held you in my arms for four whole weeks or if I’m sad that you are already a month old and time is going by so fast!! <3

You have slotted into our lives so perfectly and effortlessly – Almost as if you were here all along!


Your big brother Leo is adjusting well and definitely smitten with you.

Lets not forget all that you’ve accomplished in your first 4 weeks of life…

Arrived kicking and screaming via C-Section 👶🏼

Learnt to breastfeed like a champ straight outta the womb 👊🏼


Survived 5 days bonding intensely (AKA being smothered) with your Aunty Sax ❤️

Remained calm as a cucumber when being welcomed into a house with 2 Grandmas, an Aunty, a Big Brother, 4 Cats and 3 Dogs 

Absolutely nailed your first photoshoot!

Stole the heart of our doggy Echo 😍

and last but not least… Roadtripping like a little legend for your Aunty Katelyn’s wedding at only 15 days old


Baby Cruz, we are all so in love with you and are so happy you are finally here. It’s been a long wait!
We cannot wait to watch you grow alongside your big brother and fur siblings 🙂
Welcome to the family <3

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