Pretty Little Thing Clothing Haul

Oh yeah, it’s time for another HAUL <3

Getting my new mummy wardrobe sorted has definitely been high priority to me lately… As you can tell by the fact that I’m onto my second clothing post about this 😛
Check out my ‘Mummy Clothing Haul‘ post from a couple of weeks ago 😀

Now I am a HUGE lover of Pretty Little Thing – The clothes, the sales & discounts, and their amazing service makes it a no-brainer to shop from them 🙂

Here is what I picked up… <3



Jeans / Skirts

I am dying to wear all my new pieces, especially with winter coming up 😀

Do you guys love Pretty Little Thing as much as I do? <3
Comment below or on my social media pages your fave pieces from the website 🙂

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