NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Review


Now I’m going to be completely honest with you my lovelies, when I first wore this foundation.. I absolutely HATED it. It separated all over my skin, cracked and peeled, and looked horrendous.
I was so confused, I’d been looking after my skin so well, and hadn’t worn makeup in over 2 weeks.

So I had already written this post, absolutely destroying the product and saying how shit it was. But of course, NARS is my holy grail brand, so I had to give it another go before I gave my final thoughts…

I tried the foundation again, without any of my fancy skincare underneath, and with a normal, everyday primer. And HOLY SHITBALLS – This product is fucking amazing.
I felt horrible for ever thinking any bad things about it, and immediately took back any bad feelings I had towards it.

Clearly my skincare that I used prior to applying the foundation interacted in a weird way with the product and actually changed or altered the formula somehow.
So I’ve decided that my skincare is to be used an hour or so before applying my full-face of products, to ensure they don’t interfere at all 🙂


“Sleek, beautiful, expensive”

The packaging definitely adds to the value. It feels expensive and definitely fits in with the rest of the NARS line of products on my shelf.


“Creamy, Velvet, Coverage”

Incredible coverage, with a beautiful creamy formula and a ridiculously velvety to touch.


I applied it with a damp beauty blender, and it blended on so easily, and just sank into my skin perfectly. It blurred my pores and look like pure velvet.

Final Look

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