Redecorating my Bathroom

Now I know the title doesn’t seem too exciting for y’all – But it is super exciting for me!
I love redecorating, and I love organising and tidying things up, so I was super keen to get my hands on redoing our main bathroom in our home 🙂

So here is what it looked like before…


Basically, our main bathroom is just one big wet room, with a vanity, shower, toilet and small mirrored storage cupboard.

When we moved in, we added our own mirror on top of the vanity, put the shelves in for towels etc and have the trolley for all our toiletries. And of course we have the cat litter for our cats.

It’s fine and it works. But its super messy all the time, Leo gets his hands on all our products and it’s just not kid friendly over all.

And now, it looks like this…. <3



We brought in some new shelving, 1 in replacement of the trolley, and 2 in replacement of the old shelves.

I got a laundry hamper for dirty clothes and towels, some new bath mats, new towels & hand towels and a whole bunch of new storage and decor to decorate 😀

Wooden Boxes
Succulent Plant
Plants in Fabric Pots
Flip Top Bin
Wire Rack
Toilet Brush & Holder

Bath Towels
Hand Towels
Bath Mat

I absolutely love decorating and organising.

My next project is my kitchen… Stay tuned! 😀

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