2 Kids + 1 Mama: What’s in my baby bag?

Baby bags.. they’re a bottomless pit of mostly essential things, a few non-essential things and typically some rubbish, half chewed food and important receipts you’ll use as a toddler distraction next week.

I would LOVE to tell you that my ridiculous OCD and organisational skills has me always on top of my game, never forget a thing and never have I ever gotten caught in an explosion situation where all 3 of us required a new item of clothing that I did not have.

But it always ends up that the one thing I need, I don’t have. As a second time mum, I feel as though I know a bit more, I’m seasoned and well versed in the “pack more than you think you need, cause you’ll deffs need it!”

But most of the time, I’m short a clean shirt for my toddler or I’ve only bought 4 bibs with me and Cruz has gone through them all before we even got to the destination, or as bad as not having enough wipes or nappies 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m no queen of the baby bag. But most days, I do have my shit together. And generally have more than I need or would like to carry (AKA dump in the pram and complain later that I’ve got no room for shopping)

So over my years as a mama, my fails and my successes, I’ve got myself a general “do not ever leave the house without these items list” and I think it’s pretty darn good to live by…

I was very particular when it came to selecting my baby bag.

I LOVE to organise things, so having a big bag with one large pocket was essential for me, so I can have all my own little bags inside that contain all my bits and bobs 😍


✅ Extra large baby bag

✅ Bunch of small zip/clip/sealable bags to divide up items

✅ Change Bag

  • Baby wipes (lots!)
  • Nappies (different sizes for each child obviously)
  • Change mat / Blanket / Towel
  • Cloths, Face Towels


✅ Medicine bag

  • Teething gel
  • Baby Nurofen (I decant 2-3 doses out of the main bottle into a small pot and carry the syringe with me)
  • Cotton tips
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Panadol (for mum)
  • Hair tie / Bobby pins (for mum)
  • Tampons / Pads
  • Lip Balm



✅ Change of clothes for each child

✅ Extra spare bibs, socks, burp cloths

✅ Spare clean Binky’s (dummy)

✅ Bottles, formula

✅ Water bottles / sippy cups

✅ Lunch box of snacks (for both kids & mum)

✅ Pram Blanket of some kind + pram clips

✅ Few small toys to entertain

✅ Portable phone charger

✅ Phone, Wallet, Keys, etc

What do you find is a MUST HAVE in your baby bag?

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know if there’s anything else that would make my life a little easier when out & about with the kids.

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