1 Mama – 2 Kids: Whats in my Handbag?

Last week you got to take a peek inside my baby bag that I usually carry with me 90% of the time with my two baby boys.
Well today, I’m giving you a peek inside the handbag I get to carry with me on those very (very) rare occasions that I get to venture out of the house without the kidlets and just with myself and the items that I need on a not so daily basis 🙂

My essentials list is A LOT shorter than my mum-life list which is nice, so I definitely don’t require such a large bag with me on my kid-free days 🙂

Starting with the bag, of course a beautiful leather bag is required <3

✅ Status Anxiety – Exile Crossbody Bag – $199.95

Then moving onto my essentials within that bag…

✅ Wallet

✅ Girly Clutch (Tampons, Panadol, Lip Balm, Hair Ties, Hand Sanitiser)

✅ Portable Charger

✅ Pen(s) & Notebook

✅ Keys

✅ Chewing Gum / Mints

✅ Sunglasses


Do you keep any other essentials in your bag that I should chuck in to make my life easier?

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