6 Months with Cruz

Holy shitballs… in just a few short days, 6 months will have past with this little ball of happiness in our lives.
I know it sounds so cliche when they say “it’s like you were here all along” – But in all honesty, call it baby brain or not, but I cannot remember you not being around Cruzy.
I can’t remember waking up and not having you with your massive grin greeting me each morning.

I do however remember, getting a lot more sleep 😐
But I love you all the same.

Cruzy boy, you are the happiest little kid, full of character and personality and the most infectious little giggle.
We love the shit outta you, and I honestly couldn’t see Leo being a happier kid than he is now having you as his baby brother.

Watching Leo fall deeper and deeper in love with you, and becoming more attached by the day just makes me melt.
And even better, Leo just wants to include you in everything, show you all his toys, play with you (sometimes too rough), and we are so proud that Leo only gets a little jealous when mummy or daddy is giving you cuddles instead of him – But he loves you and would be lost without you.

Each afternoon when Nanna picks Leo up from school he says “Dad, Mum and Cruz” – He knows he’s coming home to all of us, and he wouldn’t have it any other way <3

In the last 6 months, you have not only won over our hearts and slotted into our lives perfectly, but you steal the hearts of everyone around you.
Everyone just can’t help but smile and fall in love when you are around.

You will be the most amazing little brother and friend to our Leo, we can already see it now. And watching you two bond, grow and challenge each other over your lifetimes will be the greatest joy for your daddy and I…

You are such a determined little dude, already trying to stand on your own (assisted by us for balance of course) and rolling / scooting around whatever way you can.
You clearly think you’re a lot older than you are mister, but we love your tenacity and dedication to do things way beyond your ability.

With not much more to say other than, you have completed our family, and with all the love and light you have brought to our lives in the short 6 months you have been with us, we cannot be more excited to see what you bring us over the rest of your lifetime.

Cruz Logan, we love you to the moon and back. Forever & Always <3

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