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When brainstorming some upcoming blog ideas, I realised I’ve let you guys into a lot of my life, and especially on my Instagram/Social Media, you see a lot of my tattoos in selfies, photos etc – But I’ve never really showed you them, in detail or explained their meaning around them. So I figured, to continue on from all of my ‘about me’ and ‘get to know me’ posts, I should include some of my most personal pieces about me, which is my ink.

I spend a lot of time thinking and designing my tattoos as each one has an incredibly special meaning to me and they all help me with an aspect of my life each and every day.

I thought I’d best talk about them in the order that I got them, makes the story flow a little better 😛

So here it goes …

My First Tattoo

Back of the neck

People don’t lie when they tell you, once you’ve got one, you’ll keep going back for more.
I always knew this, as a lot of people around me have tattoos (my mum, brother, friends, etc)
I was 17 when I got my first tattoo, and yes it has a little meaning behind it, but it is a very ‘cliche’ tattoo for a teenager.

It is the Gemini symbol (my Zodiac sign) with some green vines/leaves around it (my favourite colour) – I’m obviously always going to be a Gemini, and I feel like my Zodiac sign plays a lot into who I am as a person, my personality traits and my temperament.


From there, I was hooked

Ribs, right hand side.

My next piece I added to my collection was not a small commitment by any means, I went all in on not only a large piece, but a rib piece, one of the most painful areas to get tattooed.

Picking the design for this, was super easy. A dreamcatcher.
My pop gave me the most beautiful dreamcatcher when I was a baby and told me that it would keep all the bad dreams away so that I would always sleep peacefully.
Unfortunately my pop died early in my childhood so I don’t actually have a lot of specific memories of him, other than photos.

But all the stories I have been told of him and I, and all the photos, make me feel like I have a really strong spiritual connection with him. I have been obsessed with dreamcatchers because of the one he gifted me, that hung above my bed as a baby, child and into my teenage years. And why not have something that means so much to you on your body permanently to always remind you of someone you love, and a symbol of something that protected you your entire life.


Left arm, inside wrist.

My next piece, again was an easy decision, like dreamcatchers, story books and childhood movies kept me going as a kid. I was a shy little girl, who spent A LOT of time reading books, fairytales to be exact. I lived inside my book collection, dreaming of the different worlds, princesses and adventures that went on inside these magical pages.

Peter Pan was one of my favourites, sure I loved the princess books (Cinderella was a close 2nd for me) – But Peter Pan ignited a light inside of me about always staying a kid at heart, never wanting to grow up and always wanting to be free, and to be whoever I dreamed of being.

I especially loved Tinkerbell… It what other stories is the hero’s right hand a girl?
This beautiful little fairy, who survived on the pure love and magic of the people around her believing in her and lifting her up to keep her sparkling.
I loved that. So that’s what inspired the quote written on the inside of my wrist on my left arm.

Being a massive bookworm, my biggest decision was what font to use.


Left arm, half sleeve – outside and underside.

My next piece is incredibly personal to me, it took 3 years to design the entire concept so I knew I was including each element perfectly and that it told the exact story I wanted it to.

I went through a really shit time in High School – bullying, rumours, the occasional threat.
I spent a lot of time questioning myself and judging myself because others were.
I was judged for things I did, I was judged for things I didn’t do, and generally punished for just being who I was.

So this piece is my inner strength that I finally found after years of torture.
My alter ego that I turn to in times of struggle, and a permanent reminder on my arm that I am a strong person who can overcome anything, be whoever the fuck I want to be and no one will stand in my way.

I have a beautiful girl, with a panther above her, she is insecure, but her inner panther protects her from all evil. The beautiful lilies and leaves around her remind her that there is beauty after every storm.
And the lion hiding in the bushes on the underside of my arm, is a constant reminder that no matter what I do, no matter where I am, the darkness in the shadows will always watch from afar, judge & have something to say regardless of how far I’ve come. But to remind me to leave them there, in the shadows, where they belong.

IMG_20130331_1527122015-04-06 11.07.32

Right arm, outside wrist.

Other than my arm, this next piece means more to me than anything.

On my 21st birthday, I got a matching tattoo with my beautiful best friend. We have been through hell and back together since we were 15 years old.
We met through a total random situation, clicked instantly and were practically attached at the hip from then on.

She is my rock, my first soul mate and my right hand.
Partner in crime, definitely. The most supporting and caring person I know, of course. And probably one of the only people who never judge me for anything, without a doubt!

So of course, how do you permanently appreciate your love and friendship… With a tattoo!
We have a song we listened to on repeat as teenagers, and still love to whip out every now and then, and there’s a line in it “Wherever you go, just always remember
You’re never alone, we’re birds of a feather” – and we have probably lived by the lyrics of this song our entire friendship.

So we had to incorporate a feather into our matching ink. And what more of a personal detail to add to that, than a birthday. So we each have a feather with each others birthdays in roman numerals on the outside of our wrists <3


Right arm, inside wrist.

Moving onto my smallest tattoo to date, this was probably the easiest decision I ever made with a tattoo.
It is 3 palm trees that is the logo of the beautiful resort that Rick & I got married at on the inside of my right wrist.

From my first visit to The Racha, I loved their symbol on their website, stationary, it’s even etched on all their glass doors. It was so pretty, and I even told my mum, if we get married here, I want that symbol tattooed on me to commemorate the wedding.
And lo and behold, 2 years later, we got married there, 2 days after the wedding, I got it tattooed on my wrist by an amazing local thai tattooist.


Right arm, half sleeve.

And last but certainly not least, my most recent addition to my art collection (not yet finished, but well on it’s way) – My beautiful compass on my right arm.

A lot of my pieces are in reference to something in the past, something that has past or a memory of mine.
So I wanted to symbolise my moving forward, focusing on the future, and deciding my own direction & path for once.

So this beautiful piece I gave my main focus elements to my tattooist and asked him to fill the gaps, and add his flair around my compass, and man did he create exactly what was in my head!

I have my compass prompting me to always choose my own path, my sun & moon to remind me each day is a new opportunity, dainty lace to always remain true to my girly self and a beautiful lotus flower to show me that above every shit and muddy situation is purity, love and a beautiful flower to brighten your day.


This is all I have right now, but I will be adding more, I can promise you that.

I love tattoos, I love expressing my inner most feelings through the art on my body.
I love sharing my art with people, and will never hide it regardless of peoples small mindedness.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my art and learning about the special meanings behind them all.

Let me know what ink you have and where, and what they mean to you <3

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