Organising My Pantry!

All my fellow renters will feel my pain, I feel as though they build rental properties and just think ‘Oh well, I’m not going to live in it, put the pantry over there in that super tiny and inconvenient location’ 😐

Our pantry is sad, it is a stupidly shaped corner pantry in an already tight squeeze kitchen, so our food gets lost and trapped in the back and can never be seen or found HA!

I’ve noticed we have been spending money buying food and snacks etc solely because we can’t find anything or see what we currently have.

So I was already heading to IKEA for my mother-in-law, and I thought why not get some organisation into my pantry-life and sort this shit out!

So here we go.

My tools of choice…

Large Variera Containers (34cm x 24cm) – $5.99 AUD each
Small Variera Containers (24cm x 17cm) – $3.99 AUD each
Dry Food Cereal Jars – $4.99 AUD each
1.7L Glass Jars with Bamboo Lid – $7.99 AUD each

My before…

And my slightly improved after…

It’s not a HUGE change or drastic makeover, but it’s the best I could do with the space I’m working with.
Everything now has a neat and tidy home, and we can clearly see when we’ve used something up and need to replace it.

And there are no longer spices and sauces from 2013 hiding in the back 😐

A Saturday morning well spent 🙂

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