Photo Story: Brotherly Bond

My Boys..
Leo Alexander and Cruz Logan <3
23 months apart and obsessed with each other already.

IMG_6960IMG_7608IMG_7251tempimageforsave.jpgIMG_5113IMG_49207785261312_IMG_81917785261312_IMG_82007785261312_IMG_82087651030944_IMG_72857718056928_IMG_9051IMG_7428imageimage 2image 3IMG_52217516732656_IMG_82187516732656_IMG_8223IMG_9639IMG_9619IMG_9617IMG_0212IMG_0206IMG_8398

I hope they are forever friends that always look out for each other and have each others backs.
I know they will bicker and fight, and occasionally hate each other.. But as long as they know to protect & stand up for family regardless of their differences, I’ll be a proud mama to my boys always <3

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