Cruz’ First Day At School…


So Cruz started school… (a.k.a Daycare)
**Cue Tears**

Mumma cried, Cruz cried… And mumma cried some more.

I was so so emotional, which I had no idea was going to happen.

I’m going to be real with you, dropping Leo off at daycare on his first day was not emotional, it was not sad, and I was not nervous or scared for him. (Don’t kill me for saying this!)
I don’t know if it was because he was such an independent baby, I don’t know if its because he didn’t cry, or if it was because I was just ‘ready’ for him to go.

But with Cruz, I spent all day crying and worrying and calling the daycare 5-6 times to check in on him. I did not function as an adult very well.

My kids are definitely different, their personalities are quite similar, but their needs are definitely different.

Leo has always been super independent and never needed to be picked up a lot.
But Cruz is very attached to his mumma, he loves cuddles, loves being held and doesn’t like being left alone.

So I’m not 100% surprised that Cruz had such an emotional good-bye at school… But I was so so surprised that I was so emotional and dishevelled.

Leading up to and even arriving at daycare, I was cool as a cucumber, and then as soon as he started crying & not wanting to go to the staff members, I lost it. I was like ‘Am I a bad mother?’ ‘Am I ready for him to go to daycare’ ‘Should I be doing this’ ‘Should I take him home?’

I sat in my car crying the whole way home 🙁


Day 2 went a little better, he had a lot happier of a drop-off and I only called once to check on him.

I think daycare is so much harder on mums than it is on kids 😐

But I will keep you guys posted on how Cruz adjusts after a few weeks at Daycare. And of course whether or not I’m still a teary mess :'(


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