Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Foam

Time for another review! <3

I’ve never used any other tan than Bondi Sands – I am a Bondi Sands girl through and through.
So whenever they bring out new products, I have to get my hands on them & give them a try 🙂

This product launch was no exception… so I ran (yes I literally ran :P) down to Priceline and picked myself up a bottle.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 9.36.56 am

First of all, packaging.. SO PRETTY! I love the gold details on the bottle, it’s super cute.

But we’re not here for packaging… We’re here for the product inside!
The hype and reviews I’ve already watched/read have been amazing, and very promising.
And of course, I am most excited about the fact that apparently it goes on super dry like the Dry Oil :O So so excited!!

I’m gonna be really honest, I wasn’t SUPER impressed upon initial application… It applied a lot lighter than I anticipated, definitely lighter than the Dark Foam; Which I was so surprised about, it kind of made it a little hard to tell where I had applied.

After that, I was definitely still sticky/wet (which previous reviews I had watched had said it applied quite dry) – So that again was a not up to the hype.
Other than that, it does apply beautifully, like all reviews have said.

I LOVE the smell, it is much nicer than all the other tanning products.

Here is my before picture…


Immediately after first application…


And finally, after 6 hours of developing…


I continued to wear it overnight, gotta make sure that colour fully develops right? 😛

And here I am the next morning, I have washed off any guide colour left (which apparently there isn’t really one?) – And this is what I’m left with <3


Overall, I do love this product; Some things didn’t live up to the hype, but it really is so beautiful!!
I don’t know if it has fully replaced my old faithful Dark Foam but its definitely a product I will reach for in the future 🙂

Priceline: Bondi Sands Liquid Gold – $22.99 AUD

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