My New Normal: Morning/Night Routine

Well reality has hit, I am back at work, my kids are in daycare, and organisation is my bestfriend yet again!

I’ve gotta be on the ball, organised and prepared for each day so things run smoothly and so everyone gets where they need to be on time 🙂

Let’s take a look into the Scott household each morning and afternoon…


I am up at 4:30am, to shower and get myself ready for work.
I pack my bag, eat breakfast and brush my teeth.

Rick gets out of bed at 5:15am and sorts himself out.
While Rick shaves & eats breakfast, I get Cruz out of bed, dress him for school and make him a bottle.
At 5:45am I hand Cruz over to Rick to give him his bottle while I get Leo out of bed and dress him. Between 5:45am and 5:55am Rick feeds Cruz and sets him up in his bouncer until its time to leave.

At 5:55am I give both my boys a kiss, and head off to work.

Rick then takes both the boys to school at 6:30am before heading off to work himself.

Afternoon / Night

My amazing mum collects the boys from school at 3:00pm and brings them home, prepares them snacks and unpacks their bags from school.

Depending on his shift, Rick may already be home at this point, or he may be on a night shift.

Mum and Rick will typically take turns bathing both the boys before I get home, and start dinner prep.

I don’t walk through the door until 6:00pm; and it’s straight into it with the kids. Cruz has a bottle and is put down for bed between 6-6:30pm, we will then eat dinner before Leo goes to bed at 7:00-7:15pm.

But the fun doesn’t stop there… Then it’s clean up duty, shower time for mumma, and then pack & prep for the next day.
Pack the boys bags, get their outfits organised, do any washing or dishes left over. And then organise myself for the next day.

Then finally crawl into bed around 9pm.


Now don’t think we have a smoothly sailing ship everyday, throw in tantrums, vomit, food and general mess.
Shit doesn’t go to plan, the kids act up and sometimes mumma has a mini-meltdown. But we get through it and start the next day just as it is.. a new day.

We certainly don’t have the formula for a perfectly planned out day, or how to run the perfect household. But at the moment, it is what works for us.
And if things change, we will adapt and change to suit any new challenge that comes at us 🙂

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