9 Months in | 9 Months Out

My little Cruzy isn’t so little anymore 🙁
He is no longer a squishy little newborn and has grown into a chunky little on-the-go 9 month old <3

Time has gone so bloody fast, but he is the sweetest and smiliest little dude there is.

Currently, Cruz can roll from almost anywhere to anywhere (I need eyes in the back of my head), he loves a good army crawl around the floor and will do almost anything for an ice cream (mummy’s boy :P)

He has mastered holding his own bottle, will put anything & everything his mouth just cause and will let you know at a high pitched level when he does or does not like something.

Cruz prefers long days being carried in mumma’s arms, short bouts in the bouncer and has developed a super power of knowing the exact moment mummy’s head hits thepillow.

We love you pieces Cruzy doozey. We love your smile, your giggle and all of your rolls.

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