Mountain Buggy Nano v2 – Let’s Explore Together

I am a lucky duck who recently got her pram-loving hands on this beautiful travel pram by Mountain Buggy. The Nano v2 is a compact, lightweight and zippy little thing that is going to come in super handy with our crazy on the go family life.

Let’s not beat around the bush and dive straight in!


1. Off to the Aquarium

A day out at the Aquarium with mumma in Sydney City.
We put the Mountain Buggy through its “City Paces” – Taking on busy city roads, bridges and through the Aquarium.
It passed all my tests with flying colours!


2. Featherdale Wildlife Adventure

This day out really tested the power of the Mountain Buggy – Taking it ‘off road’ through the Wildlife Park, over wood chips, gravel, grass and concrete paths.
It worked on some, not so well on others. But was such a handy pram to have for Leo during this outing.

And clearly it is comfortable, because Leo passed out before even making it back to the car after all his little animal encounters.

P.s. I highly reccommend the Featherdale Wildlife Park; It was an amazing day out and such a good place for kids to interact with the animals.


Leo loves this pram, I love this pram, and the fact that it barely takes up any room in my car boot – Makes my life so much easier when I just need to take one kid with me.
It’s quick flip out, tiny fold and being so lightweight makes it a dream to have with me at all times.
I cannot wait to put the Nano v2 to the real test and actually take it on holidays with us! 🙂

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